Thursday, November 06, 2008

You whites must fuck off!

Imagine this had been a white cop shoving a R5 rifle in a blackie's face. He'd be strung up by the peecee liberal media. But since this is a stupid black racist cop and it is apartheid's fault naturally, he may be asked to 'apologise' although he certainly won't lose his job. That recourse is reserved for white cops only.

You see liberals (and white-guilt whites, you know who you are) so long as these double standards exist, people like me will expose it, fight it and we'll show all what hypocrites you are - and settle the argument that blacks are more racist than whites.

When shit like this happens, I say fuck racial harmony. I think maybe a race war is needed, it boils my blood that much and blacks seem intent on provoking one! This incident is atrocious and indicative of the calibre of morons being hired by the SAPS.


Cop: You whites must fuck off!

"It's time you whites packed your bags and fucked off."

With these words a black police inspector from Tembisa on the East Rand allegedly scolded the victims of an armed robbery and hijacking attempt in Kempton Park on Monday night.

This officer, whose name is known to Beeld, apparently refused to arrest a black suspect on the scene.

He also refused to open a case after Nic Lubbe, 51, from Kempton Park West, his daughter, Antoenet Cronjé, and her two sons, Morné, 11, and Kyle, 3, were assailed by robbers on Monday night.
'White dogs'

He ostensibly also refused to allow white members of the Norkem Park police to search the suspects' car and called them "white dogs".

Lubbe said he was on his way to drop off his daughter and grandchildren at their house in Terrenure at about 23:00 when he saw a grey Corsa bakkie next to the road in Orange River Street.

Suddenly the Corsa bakkie's headlights went on to blind Lubbe. Then it was driven into Lubbe's bakkie from behind.

Three armed men jumped off the back and grabbed Cronjé's handbag.

Lubbe sped away and later returned to the scene with his wife, Mara, 49, and members of the Norkem Park police office.

A black inspector from the Tembisa roadblock task team was already there with one of the suspects (the driver of the Corsa). The other three got away.

"The inspector said we were white dogs and he told a white policewoman that he would see to it that she was shot dead in a robbery.

"Then he cocked his R5 (rifle) in my face and said it was time that we whites packed our bags and fucked off out of the country."

An eyewitness apparently heard the inspector's offensive remarks.

"I saw how these people were robbed, but he protected the criminal."

The inspector apparently did open an accident report. The Corsa driver's wife then arrived on the scene, posing as a police officer.

One of the Norkem Park police officers said this woman wanted to arrest them when they tried to search the Corsa for "interfering with the scene".

Lubbe said the woman emptied out the contents of his daughter's handbag and returned the empty handbag to her.

On Tuesday Lubbe opened a case of armed robbery and attempted hijacking at the Norkem Park police.

Gauteng police spokesperson Superintendent Eugene Opperman said the matter was being investigated "with the view to possible disciplinary steps."

The Tembisa and provincial police management have expressed their shock at the alleged incident, he said.

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Thank you . By know even the dullest White should realise what boons think and make his/her plans.

proud 2 B YT said...

So right you are, if it was the other way around there would be an uproar.

This is bullshit with a cherry on top.

Dooring said...

What's scary is that this is a general sentiment among black people in South Africa. The indoctrination of victimhood has come a long way. "Whites are solely responsible for all the hardships and misery experienced by black people, everything whites have...they stole from blacks and their ancestors."

All over africa where white people once ruled, the same thing happens repeatedly, over and over, yet no one seems to acknlowedge this pattern.

In 1964 a documentary was made that chronicled the decolonisation of Kenya. It is called "Africa Addio". -Great documentary-

I implore you to watch it, it will put alot of things in perspective and once again confirm that history repeats itself.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are more racist than whites??? Well they did murder and chase the whites and all foreigners out of every other African country besides South Africa and Namibia and took all their possessions. That is 53/55 African states. They simply couldn't get along. I'd say they have some racism in them.


Sure my family will " fuck off ".
At a time that is suitable to us and not to some uniformed moron that gets paid from our taxes. Not for too long anymore though.

He of difficult days said...

"Whites are solely responsible for all the hardships and misery experienced by black people, everything whites have...they stole from blacks and their ancestors


I asked a black at work "What EXACTLY did we steal from you?"

Cellphones? Money?

These things didnt exist before we came along

He replied "You whites steal our energy"


Anonymous said...

Difficult days - I do not know why your black co-worker told you that. An analysis of Africa's history reveals that what whites stole was the resources and the land. At same time, I believe there is no excuse for actions of this cop and I hope he is punished and ultimately fired from the police force. But on the bigger question of what whites stole - you can not deny history. Look at Africa today. You know I was thinking Africa has so many natural resources yet the people of Africa get to keep very little profit from those resources. Doberman - I know you don't care for Obama too much, but one thing that I hope will come out of his presidency is that U.S. will start paying more attention to Africa instead of treating it as a back-burner continent (except when our brilliant policymakers in the past - ala Kissinger thought we had to intervene against the Soviets in places like Angola).

Anonymous said...

G-man, why does the US have to intervene in Africa? Why doesn't the US intervene in Europe? Or Japan, or Australia, South Korea?

Is it because Africans are incapable of managing their own affairs because they are inferior? That's what you are implying. That's a very racist, patronising attitude. Not just by you alone but by most leftwingers /liberals who think some groups/races need more "help". Blacks are the majority in Africa so affirmative action/quotas are not there to help them and look at the state of the place.

If blacks are truly equal mentally to whites, why then do liberals think they need a hand up? Why not just say to Africans, here's how we would do this or that, and go for it...but we won't meddle since you are equally capable as us to sort out your own crap and get yourselves right.

Somehow that doesn't happen does it?

Wait, I suppose you are going to blame colonialism which truthfully ended 50 years ago throughout most of Africa. In almost every single country where colonialists existed, Africans were handed first class, state of the art cities and infrastructure. They destroyed it all - alone.

Now the new colonialists - the Chinese - are moving in and history will repeat itself. Why should the US interfere with that? Whites are damned if they do, damned if they don't. Let's see Africa in a few decades after the Chinese are finished with it. And don't think the Chinese will be shifted so easily. Unlike Europeans, they have the numbers to stay put.

He of difficult days said...
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He of difficult days said...


Stop being such a tosser...

Black Africans placed no value on Africa's rich minerals prior the arrival of the white man.

We placed value on something the black man would have rejected as garbage.

Besides, according to you liberals, SA is the cradle of mankind. Therefore all of Europe and Asia and the Americas have equeal claim to Africas resources.

You sound like those America haters who hate and critisize the USA and other colonials for their vast consumption of oil and resources when in fact you should be grateful for that.

Let me paint you a picture here:

The USA as you well know, consumes vast amount of resources (oil etc) to launch satellites into orbit so that black yuppies in Johannesburg can have their GPS devices on their car dashboards, (American invension that requires space sattelite support), so that blacks can have their laptops (PC came out of the US space programme - PC motherboards are made of plastic - and oil based product), so that blacks can have their mobile phones (certain metallic components in cell phones can only be mined in central Africa), so that blacks can have their medicine and medical equipment (all created by whitey who consumed resources to invent all of this), so that blacks can have their DVD players (components of which require minerals to be mined from Africa).

The list goes on and on.

Yet what do you blacks do? You behave like petulant little spoilt brats. Ungrateful, piteful, rejecting authority and all forms of sanity.

it is time we whites kicked you blacks and g-man to the curb. Grow up, get your own jobs and civilization and stop begging whitey mommy and daddy for pocket money.

Good riddance. You are on your own.

Stupid said...

@ Gman “I do not know why your black co-worker told you that.” That’s the problem right there. How many people have you actually spoken to, like “he of difficult days?” You morons are making up your opinions about events that are taking place very far from where you are, and all you’ve got to rely on is the main stream media. Do yourself a favor and find out what the average black is thinking in South Africa. By the way, you would have to ask them face to face because the average black does not have access to computers or the internet. Then when you’ve done that I will listen to your comments more tentatively. For now, I’ll just skip them.

Stupid said...

@ Gman. I’ve lived in SA all my life and I still haven’t gotten used to the raw hatred and ignorance (!!!) of blacks. I get more than enough exposure every day of my life, so don’t think I live in the ivory tower of a privileged white. I’ve probably had more exposure than you would get in your entire life time. When the average black is so raw it is hardly surprising that the criminals are so ruthless. If you do actually go to the trouble of doing what I suggested, prepare yourself for a shocking awakening. But don’t go and bury your head in the sand again just because it scares the crap out of you. Just take this message home – THEY ARE DIFFERENT TO US.

Anonymous said...

Well for all you ignorant ppl out there, here are a couple of more links that you should read, increase your knowledge first before making uninformed remarks. You'r only proving your obviously lack of not a shred of intelligence.