Monday, November 17, 2008

Why vote?

If South Africa was a perfect country would there still be enough reason to vote?

Let's just suspend disbelief for a moment. Let's say we all live in a country where we have a roof over our heads, everyone in the country has food, water, education and electricity. Crime isn't a problem, no one is dying from HIV/Aids, and quality health care is available to everyone who needs it.

Will my vote make the slightest difference because SA is a perfect nation?

Even if that was the case there'd still be a compelling reaso
n to vote. Right now we have a ruling party with a majority rule of the state. The ANC has an overwhelming 65% majority from the last elections. That's not good news because it means that the constitution could be changed, laws altered and sees our country edging closer and closer to becoming a single party state in practice, although not by law.

Any idea how that happened?

Bad voter education, terrible voter turnout and a sense of apathy
in this country four years ago.

That's right; it was your fault, if you didn't vote.

It's my fault if I didn't try to help educate voters, rally registratio
ns and votes and get people involved. If you didn't vote and you bemoan what's happening in this country, the fact that you have lost control of your country is your own fault. It is not the ANC's fault, not the opposition parties fault. If you didn't vote it is your own fault.

I cannot be alone in thinking a 65% majority is problematic. The one thing that is absolutely imperative to the right
functioning of South Africa's electoral system is - you guessed it - votes.

The only way that a person can vote in the 2009 elections is to register. The IEC held a voter registration weekend early in November. It turned out to be a great success yet still not enough of a push. One million new voters were registered over that single weekend, but clearly we've got a long way to go.

South Africa is at a pivotal point in its history and your vote could change the course of this country. It could change who rules our country or could send a very strong message to the ANC that they have not delivered and are not doing the job they were mandated to do.

It's is now South Africa's turn to take back our nation. If you are unhappy with the state of our nation, with the crime problem, with the lack of effective health care, housing, education, infrastructure, poverty or any other service or issue that we as citizens expect our government to deliver on, then maybe it's time to step up and vote for change.

So why would you vote? My answer is simple. Why the hell wouldn't you vote? Everything is at stake.

Make It Count!

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