Saturday, November 29, 2008

Traitors of the West

Western civilization is plagued with traitors who are cheerleaders for the destruction of the West. This assertion is not new, for British Member of Parliament Enoch Powell delivered his famous “Rivers of Blood” speech roughly four decades ago, and in his speech, he derided his countrymen for pursuing policies that served as a detriment to England. At one point in his speech, he declared that:

“We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependents, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant-descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyr
e. So insane are we that we actually permit unmarried persons to immigrate for the purpose of founding a family with spouses and fiancés whom they have never seen.”

He went on to say, “As I look ahead, I am fil
led with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood.’”

Very few politicians in the United States are like Powell who are willing to confront the problem head-on—Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) was one of the few, but he did not seek re-election and will soon be out of the House of Representatives. Patrick Buchanan and Lou Dobbs are also willing, if not eager, to tackle directly the problem of cultural subversion through mass immigration, but unfortunately neither are elected officials who can implement policies that will save the country.

The last stand of the West is being made in Europe, where right-wing nationalist politicians like Nick Griffin of the British National Party, Heinz-Christian Str
ache of the Freedom Party of Austria, Geert Wilders of the Dutch Party for Freedom, Jean-Marie Le Pen of the French National Front, Filip Dewinter and Frank Vanhecke of the Flemish Vlaams Belang, Christoph Blocher of the Swiss People’s Party, and Umberto Bossi of the Italian Northern League, along with a handful of others, are doing all they can to defend Europe from the Third World threat that endangers the very survival of Europe.

The primary threat to Western civilization, however, comes not from without, but from within. Just a few years before Powell gave his famous speech to warn his countrymen of the impending doom that their culture faced if policy changes were not implemented, an ex-communist American author—James Burnham—published a book entitled The Suicide of the West, which diagnosed the ideology of Western suicide, which is modern liberalism. This is overt with what he wrote in the final chapter of the book:

Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide. When once this initial and final sentence is understood, everything about liberalism—the beliefs, emotions and values associated with it, the
nature of its enchantment, its practical record, its future—falls into place.”

Liberalism ignores that which threatens the very survival of the West and is incapable of dealing with these problems, for liberals do not recognize the West as being superior to less-civilized tribes. Liberals, therefore, view Western culture as not worthy of preservation for progeny. In effect, liberals attack the very willpower needed to defend the West. Burnham observed that to defend the West:

“There would have to be a rejection, in particular, of the quantitative reduction of human beings to Common Man; and a reassertion of qualitative distinctions. Quite specifically, there would have to be reasserted the pre-liberal conviction that Western civilization, thus Western man, is both different from and superior in quality to other civilizations and non-civilizations. . . . And there would have to be a renewed willingness, legitimized by that conviction, to use superior power and the threat of power to defend the West against all challenges and challengers. Unless Western civilization is superior to other civilizations and societies, it is not worth defending; unless Westerners are willing to use their power, the West cannot be defended. But by its own principles, liberalism is not allowed to entertain that conviction or to make frank, unashamed and therefore effective use of that power.”

Since the threat to the West “is present—a clear, immediate and sufficient danger, both from within and from without,” it is necessary to confront the real problems if the West—arguably the civilization with the most splendor and magnificence—is to last. Burnham’s diagnosis of that which threatens the West is as true today as it was when he wrote his book in the early 1960s:

“The crucial present challenges are, I believe, three: first, the jungle now spreading within our own society, in particular in our great cities; second, the explosive population growth and political activization within the world’s backward areas, principally the equatorial and sub-equatorial latitudes occupied by non-white masses; third, the drive of the communist enterprise for a monopoly of world power.”

He goes on to suggest how the threats have
observably affected Western countries:

“History has a remarkable way of providing striking visual symbols of what is really going on, that tell us much more than the pretentious statistics of the sociologists. In the parks of our great cities, exactly as in all jungles, honest men may no longer move at night; when the sun goes down they must stay near the fires, while the beasts prowl.”

Are good people preyed upon in our jungle-cities by beasts? When one analyzes crime statistics, one can only come to the conclusion that Burnham’s assessment is true.

According to the United States Department of Justice in a report entitled “Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005 Statistical Tables,” the American government reported that of 111,490 white women who were raped in the country that year, 33.6 percent of them we
re raped by black men (37,460 black-on-white rapes). Of the black women who were raped by white men that year, the number of victims is so low that the U.S. government just labels it 0.0 percent. The Justice Department even put an asterisk next to the 0.0 percent to announce that the total number of white-on-black rapes was less than ten that entire year. In contrast to that, on average, 103 white women were raped in the U.S. every day that year. And those are only the reported rapes.

In another report released by the United States Department of Justice entitled “Criminal Victimization in the United States, 1987,” the government noted that blacks kill twice as many whites as whites kill blacks; that black-on-white robberies and gang attacks occur
21 times as often as white-on-black; and that when it comes to gang robbery, blacks attack whites 52 times more often than whites do blacks.

In a U.S. News & World Report article entitled “What Should Be Done” (8/22/1989), the author notes that whites choose black victims only 2.4 percent of the time, while blacks choose white victims more than half of the time.

Only a self-hating liberal would ever propose that African immigration to Western countries is a good thing. Diversity is a fraud; it enriches our culture no more than Indian savagery enriched the culture of the fir
st American settlers. Heaven help us, we do not need such cultural enrichment.

Most people of European
descent are not fully conscious of their Western identity, for they have largely forgotten the heroes of the West, the victories their people have had over the enemies of their civilization, and are not educated well in Western history, for the average Caucasian person only knows enough of Western history and culture to condemn it for what self-hating liberals have trained them to loathe: Western colonialism (but not the Third World colonization of the West), Western aggression (but not the aggression of Muslim invaders who caused much grief to Western peoples over the centuries), Western genocides (but most Western liberals are either unconcerned with or unaware of the genocide of white South Africans and white people in Zimbabwe today), and Western oppression (but not the oppression of Westerners over the years by foreign invaders including Huns, Carthaginians, Islamic Moors, Islamic Turks, pagan Persians, or any other tribe that has waged aggressive war against the West).

There is for the most part no racial or cultural unity among Westerners, which is evidenced by their tendency to overlook transgressions committed against their people and countries in ancient a
nd contemporary times.

Liberals are the scum of society, and they and their fellow travelers include communists, socialists, and leftists of all kinds (i.e., Marxists, Trotskyites, Maoists, Stalinists, and so on), sexual deviants, cultural Bolsheviks, and eccentric college professors and ignorant public school teachers who ruin the minds of their students by indoctrinating them with degenerate filth. What the liberals and radicals of various left-wing political persuasions have in common is that they are all traitors to Western civilization.

Jean Raspail, a self-proclaimed “Man of the Right,” wrote a
novel in the 1970s entitled The Camp of the Saints, and in this book, he describes how treason is so very common within Western civilization:

“You know . . . there’s a very old word that describes the kind of men [they] are. It’s ‘traitor.’ That’s all, [they’re] nothing new. There have been all kinds. We’ve had bishop traitors, knight traitors, general traitors, statesmen traitors, scholar traitors, and just plain traitors. It’s a species the West abounds in, and it seems to get richer and richer the smaller it grows. Funny, you would think that it should be the other way around.”

The most recent act—and arguably the vilest act—of treason committed against Western civilization occurred on November 4, 2008 when B. Hussein Obama was elected to serve as president of the United States.

When Greece was invaded by hordes of Persians, the Spartans fought them off; when Europe was invaded by savage Muslims, the Europeans fought them off; and when Rome was invaded by barbarians, Rome tried to fight them off. But in the contemporary West that is plagued with self-hating liberals, the electorate voted into office a man who represents all that is antithetical to Western civilization, for B. Hussein Obama hates our culture, our heritage, and as evidenced with his long relationship with Reverend Wright, he also hates the European race. Obama also supports—or at least is not opposed to—mass immigration from Third World countries, race-based preferential treatment for non-whites, and the redistribution of wealth. White people cheering at Obama’s political rallies make about as much sense as Romans cheering on the barbarian invasion that ended up wiping out their civilization or white farmers in Zimbabwe whose wives will be raped by AIDS-infected Africans and whose farms will be stolen by black Marxists cheering at a political rally for Robert Mugabe. The “change” Obama will bring about as president is the continuing transformation of our great cities into jungles, where good people are preyed upon by savages. Obama is the personification of the de-civilizational process that afflicts the West today.

Western civilization is rapidly declining, because Westerners have largely lost the willpower needed to defend their countries. As the First World populations of Western countries are replaced with Third World peoples, the countries will quickly become of the Third World. First World countries are advanced and civilized, because they have First World populations; when a First World country is deprived of its First World population, it is no longer part of the First World. What is ironic about the colonization of Western countries by Third World peoples is that liberals of yesteryear were quick to condemn European colonization of Third World countries, but when their own countries are colonized by uncivilized outsiders, they either remain silent or actively cheer on the foreign invaders.

Burnham is not the only individual who wrote a book critical of liberalism, for Robert Bork wrote a book entitled Slouching Towards Gomorrah. In his book, he offers a “devastatingly insightful exposé of a country in crisis at the end of the millennium, where the rise of modern liberalism, which stresses the dual forces of radical egalitarianism . . . and radical individualism . . . has undermined our culture, our intellect, and our morality.”

Burnham and Bork both understood that liberalism will be the undoing of Western civilization, and I fear that Westerners will learn the hard way that what they will reap is what they are sowing. If the Islamic invaders of Europe today are not halted and driven out of Western countries in a way that would make Charles Martel proud, the Muslims will eventually gain power. Sharia law will become the law of the land, and when the liberals raise a fuss over it, they will likely be stoned to death by their new overlords. The Third World savages will rape our daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers; and will beat, rob, and kill our sons, brothers, and fathers. One only need to cite the examples of South Africa and Rhodesia as evidence of what the future will hold for the West if liberalism is not rejected.

Hopefully, Westerners will heed Burnham’s advice: “At some point the guardians of a civilization must be prepared to draw the line.”

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Anonymous said...

Excellent article Doberman!
Now it seems that here in Canada, that the liberals are joining forces with two other far left parties, to try and "overthrow" the newly elected Conservative Government and form a coalition government of their own making, seems as though 'elections' are just not viable anymore, if enough people start to 'shout', judges etc. will just overrule the people's choices.

FishEagle said...

I simply can’t stand slaving away for the exclusive benefit of South African blacks anymore, at the expense of my own living standards. However, my gut is telling me that I may still be in a better place working somewhere in Africa despite all the violence and uncertainty, or at least it might be better to move to another third world country elsewhere. I have discovered some similarity in my own anti-American/ British/ western sentiments with those of the Africans and Arabs. (The difference is of course that I’m not looking for my machine gun!!)

My travels have been limited to Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East and I don’t have any first hand knowledge what the daily life of an average American or European is like. I have a very negative perception of the luxurious, wasteful life-style that these first world countries enjoy, which has been projected worldwide without constraint by the media, especially Hollywood (my pet hate). I suspect that these people believe in BS which they themselves have the freedom to create. And so I suspect the troubles with the west are rooted much deeper in the every day Joe and not just in the few liberal intellectuals who have become too smart for their own good.

One of the things that you can read between the lines in the media is that they are a civilization that is pretty sterile and sexless. They just really, really, really like to talk (!) about sex. But action is better than words. Their misuse of sexuality, which is one of the basic building blocks of humanity, might seem insignificant. It plays a significant role.

I would like to find out about it, amongst other things, so I’m making plans to visit.

Anonymous said...

I first posted this comment on and it might not harm here either:
I can’t remember when I first heard the name Obama. I do remember I thought it was in a stand-up comedian’s show. Couldn’t believe it when it became clear that Obama was really a Democratic presidential candidate. Barack Hussein Obama. Hussein like in Saddam Hussein and Obama like in Osama Bin Laden. The two main targets of the American War on Terrorism and this guy is going to run for US president with a combination of those two names? Utter Madness! Surely the American public will see the devil’s work in it. Then he beat the Clinton women. What the hell’s going on there?.. Right in the middle of their war on Islam terrorism they’re going to vote for a candidate who comes from their most violent and criminal minority and who has a Muslim background? No way! Black celebrities like the tirelessly irritating Oprah endorsed him, obviously for no other reason than that he’s black, but that was to be expected. Hollywood lefties like the unholy Tom Cruise endorsed Obama, but then again, they would, in their renowned wisdom, endorse the backend of a dead donkey. Music industry icons like the old goat Madonna endorsed Obama, but they never do the right thing, not even by accident. Nothing to worry about. Then Obama won the endorsement from major American newspapers and TV stations started burying the planet under endless hallelujahs… Wait a moment… How come this guy suddenly made it holier than the pope? Surely the American public must realize that he’s politically inexperienced, that he’s achieved nothing through merit and everything through affirmative action? Moreover, surely the American public knows what has happened to African countries after they installed black leaders. The atrocities committed by Emperor Bokassa, Idi Amin Dada, Mobutu Sese Seko, and in case they’ve forgotten about them, how can they not know about Robert Mugabe? The dictatorships, corruption, cruelty, civil wars, the mass murders in the Congo and Rwanda? Somalia? The tribalism, racism, sorry, xenophobia, and violent crime in South Africa? And in case they come up with their cliché excuse, it’s even worse in the two African countries that were never colonized: Ethiopia and Liberia. Surely that knowledge will keep the American public from voting for a black candidate! Then doubt struck me. I remembered once talking to a guy from California who, when I told him I just came from Arkansas, asked me “Is that one of our states?” And I remembered the American tourist, on safari here in Southern Africa, who obviously wasn’t too sure about the differences between Northern and Southern hemisphere, pointing his finger to the sky and saying “is that the same moon as the one we see at home?” Perhaps, just perhaps, the American public does not know about the possibly disastrous implications of voting for a genetically African built Obama. Perhaps they have trouble locating Africa entirely, never mind knowing what goes on here. Perhaps, just perhaps, they are indeed ignorant enough to make a mistake of this magnitude… But I also started looking at the other side. What option did they have after Bush, a man from the only family in the world that ever managed to make a loss out of oil, and whose administration was far more rampant than the AIDS virus? And it dawned upon me: The complete American black population is going to vote for Obama, a large part of the American Hispanic population will vote for him and all the Californian blissfully ignorant white weirdoes will vote for him. On top of those all the National Guard weekend soldiers who have been crying, or are scheduled to go crying their eyes out in Afghanistan and Iraq, will vote for him, joined by their immediate & distant family members. Shame on Bush for not realizing that they love to play video war games but hate to get caught up in the Middle Eastern reality show! And I realized at that very moment that Hussein Osama had a good chance of making it into the Black House. The rest is history. Poor white race! But hell, as the saying goes: You get what you deserve and you deserve what you get. To be honest, I’m past being angry, in fact I couldn’t care a rat’s ass: It can’t get any worse for us in Southern Africa anyway. Come to think of it, in a little while we’ll probably be better off than you in Europe and the Unstated Nites. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Well said "Stupid". Hear Hear!
The "west" is actually the enemy of any freedom-loving Christian African
(and no, I don't include ppl who claim to be Christian but worship their ancestors)

I want to know this: the Muslims have Indonesia, Bangaladesh, almost the entire Arabian Peninsula and North Africa; the Ancestor Worshippers have Central and almost all of Southern Africa; the Hindus have India and Sri Lanka; the Jews own the US, UK and Israel; the Catholics (not Christian in my view) have South America and hlaf of Europe; WHAT DO US PURE CHRISTIANS HAVE???

FishEagle said...

Anonymous, I am having serious doubts about America every time I read about the ignorance you describe, not to mention my own personal encounters of ignorance like, “Are there really wild lions in Cape Town?”

I remember reading one of the I Luv SA posts describing the Americans as the greatest nation on earth. I never questioned that. I’m a very moderate person, except when it comes to blacks in SA, but I’m beginning to get an unsettling understanding of how the Muslim extremists probably also question that perception.

The whole piracy debacle in the Gulf of Aden symbolizes the problems of the 1st world. Only a handful of war-hardened Somali pirates have been able to capture a German tanker, its cargo and crew on numerous occasions. The Germans response was described in The New York Times:

“There is a certain political hesitation to forcefully engage in anti-pirate acts” and “German law requires parliamentary approval for all troop deployments, an outgrowth of the country’s uneasiness with the use of military force after the aggression and crimes of the Nazi regime.” Bernd Siebert, a member of Parliament, made the comment, “I cannot believe that we could have this kind of problem, where pirates fool around with the international community.”

Whether it is a history that includes Hitler, colonialism or any of the atrocities of the past, the Americans and Europeans have been afraid to take action. The only action that they have been good at is telling other nations how to be more like them. Some of it has been good and some not so good, like imposing a democracy on SA and Zim.

Could “fooling around with” America be the next surprise?

What will the world look like when it is not the turmoil of the African continent that everybody is turning a blind eye to, but the American continent? Will we be any better than the Americans and care? I'm probably getting ahead of myself here, but it's a thought I can't ignore.

FishEagle said...

Referring to my earlier comment, “I suspect that these people believe in BS which they themselves have the freedom to create.”

Like your average person in the street, I don’t know that much about the Nazi’s other than a few scanty facts and the personal stories of victims that Hollywood turned into movies. Granted, some were extremely good.

I’m not a supporter of genocide; therefore I’m not a Hitler fan, however, I’ve always questioned the way in which the Germans have been perceived by the world after the war. There have always been plenty of accusatory insults and never a real understanding of what gave rise to the circumstances of the war, which is where the real lessons to be learnt lie. The ultimate load of crap that came spewing from America was the documentary called the Paper Clip Project. In the documentary a bunch of American youngsters were bellowing with tears about the crimes committed against the Jews. It was such a farce my jaw dropped.

Such mistakes come at a cost. Again with reference to an earlier comment, in Germany the cost may have been “German law requires parliamentary approval for all troop deployments, an outgrowth of the country’s uneasiness with the use of military force after the aggression and crimes of the Nazi regime.”