Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some more 'here and there' crimes

One commenter had the gall to write that crime in South Africa is only 'here and there' and why are we making such a fuss of it thereby putting South Africa in a 'bad light'? Fifty murders a day is why. You can pretend otherwise.

Another said, people don't go to sleep at night in fear. Hmm, I beg to differ. South Africa is probably the only country on earth where thieving murdering savages WANT you to be at home, kinda the 'extra bounty' that comes with the crime. Hey, what's the point in robbing if one can't make a good night's fun of it? That's the sadistic nature of the savagery we face.

If there is a female in the house regardless of age, she will likely be raped, and the men are either shot etc. It's madness. You see folks. That's IS the cold truth. We won't hide the truth. We love this country and we understand it is sick. Like an alcoholic, we need to admit there is a problem before we can deal with it.

It is important that people understand what is happening under their noses despite their obstinacy in accepting the facts. This blog is not a place for denials, we face facts and fifty murders a day is fact. Now, just because the fifty people murdered yesterday (and by the end of today) are not you, or related to you, or belong to a group that people think 'deserves' it, that's a bullshit attitude. We've come too far as a country to just give up. Even Zimbabwe is salvageable. That's not a popular sentiment among many people and the Dawg here has taken plenty of flak for this position but I like to think otherwise. I present Vietnam as an example. More bombs were dropped on Vietnam than all the bombs in WWII. I would say it was pretty fucked up. Yet it survived. It overcame. It took a new generation, the will to do it and it came right.

Every South African life is valuable and we as citizens must do everything we can to expose this sickness in our society so that we can deal with it. Remember that as you sit down tonight to a cosy supper in your gated community while others less fortunate live in terror, white and black. We need to end our apathy, we need to step up and say "I haven't given up" and take our country back.


Cops Join Forces to Hunt Robbers

The police's specialised Organised Crime unit has joined Camps Bay police in a hunt for three men targeting Camps Bay residents by robbing them while they
are at home.

Over the past month at least eight incidents have been reported in which three men break into residents' homes and rob them at knifepoint.

Camps Bay police spokesperson Superintendent Ian Rudman confirmed the attacks and said that two people have already been injured in two separate house robberies.

"In one incident a victim sustained a chest wound and in another a victim's foot was hurt," he said.

The three men, who are believed to be Portuguese speaking, jump over fences to enter people's property. (say it, black Mozambicans dammit! The truth please!)

"Camps Bay is full of gradients and many houses are situated next to open plots or fields, which is where the robbers gain access by scaling fences and walls," Rudman said. Rudman rejected claims by sources that the men, believed to be in their mid-twenties, only targeted the homes of people they knew were at home.

"Many people have holiday homes in Camps Bay and people are not there all year round so we don't think they are targeting people who are at home. They also do not appear to have the access codes to alarm systems but we do believe they know the area well."

During all of the eight attacks, the robbers struck after supper while the victims were at home. "The robbers have an arrogant way of doing things and they wouldn't hesitate to hurt you. It's best to just hand over the goods they demand, if you become a victim," Rudman warned.

Although he could not provide an estimated value of the goods stolen so far, Rudman said the thieves usually stole cash, jewellery and appliances. The suspects are believed to arrive and leave on foot but have stolen one resident's car and tried to steal another. Rudman urged residents not to panic, as the Camps Bay police were increasing their visibility as well as their manpower.

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