Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Rainbow Nation

Travelling abroad one gets the impression that South Africa is indeed utopian as nothing too negative is ever reported in the international press.

The liberals and anti apartheid activists can pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

You just need to go through this blog to see that this is most
certainly not the true picture of the rainbow nation. It is for this reason that we do this blog.

By now our readers know that this rainbow nation is more violent than Iraq boasting an even lower life expectancy as well.

Child rape and the absolute savage brutality of murders are in a league of their own incomparable with any other nation on the planet.
Access to this information is, without doubt, getting more difficult to come by.

If one checks the online and printed media of this country on any given morning you can be sure
that [combined] there is less than 5% of crimes reported.

The few Afrikaans publications available seem to be the only ones even mildly interested in reporting the carnage and mayhem of daily South African life. Photos are almost non-existent and
one has to rely on privately taken pictures. We are more often than not forced to use our imagination when we try to find a picture matching the story.

Whether this under reporting is official policy of the powers-that-be or whether South Africans have just grown tired of more bad statistics is a matter for debate. That it is a trend growing nationally is fact.

As for the international main-stream media, we may as well be existing on another planet.

Below are examples of some press extracts from one such Afrikaans publication the Beeld.

Polisie reën nat oor geen geld
Cops in the rain as there is no money]

Cops have to work under a marquee inside the police station as there is no money to repair the roof.

Not considered newsworthy in any English publication or TV.

(See picture)

'Dit was vannag oorlog hier'
['It was War here tonight']

A family is awoken by their restless dogs.

As in a million other homes across the country, they immediately suspect the worst, hide the children under the beds, arm the themselves and take up various firing positions inside their home.

Sure enough their dogs are shot first and then the house comes under attack. The unknown number of attackers fire 30 rounds at the house and retreat when they realise the family is awake and armed.

No attempt is made to steal anything, and even the unlocked cars are left behind.

Only two days prior to this incident a neighbour, Doctor Duncan Prinsloo (61) and his wife were murdered. The doctor was simply executed from behind as he was working on his computer.

(See picture)

Not considered newsworthy in any English publication or TV.

Navorser geskors ná sy lesing oor water
[Researcher dismissed after presentation on water]

Dr Anthony Turton the leading experts on water research in South Africa’s Department of Science and Technology is fired from his job as he has placed the department in a bad light when his research paper “A clean South Africa”, revealed the many shortcomings and pending health risks.

Dr Turton says he was merely stating scientific facts, this institution used to be a place of lively academic debate and South Africa has already lost most of its experts

Not considered newsworthy in any English publication or TV. And this is done while we are in the midst of a cholera outbreak.

Statistieke wys daar is groot skroef los in dié vrotkol, sê navorser

Dr Johan Burger of the Institute of Security Studies says the areas surrounding Pretoria have become crime disaster areas. Crime in this area has increased by 300% in the past six years.

Not considered newsworthy in any English publication or TV.

And my favourite of the day...

Sangomas ‘dryf geeste uit’
Sangomas 'drive out evil spirits']

Sangomas, or otherwise known as witchdoctors drive out ghosts at the National Intelligence Agency.

Twenty one so-called traditional healers were called in to ban the evil spirits and ghosts of people buried in the area 60 years ago.

Large pots of African beer were brewed, one bull, one sheep and two goats were slaughtered as a sacrifice in the two day long event.
The press was banned.

Not considered newsworthy in any English publication or TV.

Now below, another publication managed to capture all the 'important' news except for the trivial news of 65 daily murders, 150 violent robberies and 200 rapes.

Spiders get their space legs
Spiders flying as an educational project aboard the International Space Station seem to have got the hang of weightlessness.

'Buddha Boy' returns to jungle

A young man believed by followers to be a reincarnation of Buddha has returned to Nepal's jungles to meditate alone. 'I just wanted to cuddle him'.

A college student has been attacked by a panda in a south China park after climbing a fence and trying to hug the endangered animal in its enclosure.

Is Alaska big enough for Palin?
Fresh from her political defeat, Sarah Palin is juggling offers to write books, appear in films and sit on interview couches at a rate that would astonish most.

Hollywood stars Radio Okapi journo killed

Congolese journalist with the UN-sponsored Radio Okapi has been fatally shot at Bukavu in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Newman's race cars sold

Paul Newman has left the assets to his wife, the Oscars to his foundation and the race cars to the highest bidder

One murder in the Congo and nothing about the murders in South Africa.

4 Opinion(s):

Stupid said...

This goes back to Whiteadder’s question: Does SA really deserve better?

I hate to say this, but I have to agree with Whiteadder, that if South Africans are not willing to do anything about the situation then we must just take what is coming our way. Unfortunately, presently that includes me and my family.

I have tried to get many people to read this blog but people just don’t want to face the negative facts of South Africa. How are we going to begin to change things if we don’t even know that something is missing? “Oops, another neighbor’s been murdered. But what was the rugby score?” We have become a society living with blinkers!!!

It frustrates the hell out of me. I want to find greener pastures elsewhere in the world (soon!). The deciding factor to leave SA was the fact that I can’t even discuss the issues of racism that I’ve experienced daily, with whites close to me – friends, work colleagues, etc. Nobody believes that it is even remotely possible that maybe, JUST MAYBE, we have paid a price too high for our sins during apartheid. My white(!) colleagues have seen an entire discipline in science collapse in front of their eyes, yet they still finger the odd white individual that is left in the government to be able to blame someone for all of their problems. Guys, then you deserve your lot.

Anonymous said...

Very true Stpid. We all feel that tremendous frustration when a gruesome murder is only mentioned as just another statistic, but Steve Hofmeyers latest fling is keeps conversation alive for weeks on end.It is as if South Africans just given up. I personally believe the church plays a big role in this roll over and play dead mentality. Every Sunday we are told to just believe and everything will come out rosy. Problem is nothing is rosy and it is gonna get a hell of a lot worse before it gets better. Closing our eyes and pretending there is no problem ain`t gonna make it go away.
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Anonymous said...

Well said Stupid. You hit the nail on the head. It's like they have given up already or are in denial. I cringe as I watch the guvmunt hit whites time after time and the only response is an objection to the SA Human Rights etc. Wussy stuff. The white tribe of South Africa developed a barren land into a first world country and we've lost that spirit. What this blog tries to do is show people what is wrong and that they must stand up and fight [leaving out the black vs white thing for now]. Let's worry about ourselves before we tackle other races and cultures. If we can't get whites to sit up and pay attention and do something about their situation, what chance have we of getting other races to join forces with us to take our country back, by that I mean, away from the despots that have been destroying it for 15 years?

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

Very good post Loggi.
It is amazing as one trawls through the news just how selective especially the English MSM is.
And Stupid's comment are so true....
I weep for my poor, deluded people.