Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NIA paid witchdoctors how much?

A fellow contributor touched on this subject not too long ago.

Sangomas, y'know, witchdoctors, them of the animal skins, herbs, bones and slitting throats of defenceless animals were hired to 'cleanse' one of the facilities of the National Intelligence Agency (a contradiction in terms if there ever was one).

I know, I know weird shit and it happens in SA all the time so I thought no biggie, I'm hardened to this stuff, I've seen it all, heard it all, nothing surprises me.

Alas I was wrong. What was not known at the time was HOW MUCH had been spent on the great 'cleansing'.

There must have been very bad voodoo there (I'd say so after fifteen years of ANC lies and tricks) so they grabbed 25 voodoo cleaners. That's right, twenty five! But wait there's more and it's the good bit. Are you sitting down? We tax cows coughed up a great big whopping R750 000 for the so-called 'cleansing'!

Yes folks, somewhere among that money spent lies a teenie-tiny fraction of your taxes to pay a bunch of hoodoo hoovers to throw bones, chant, whatever, to 'cleanse' empty buildings and I'll bet we even threw in the taxi fare and the slaughtered cattle. Hmm, nice.. It's a pity we couldn't spend money cleansing the country of ANC politicians.


The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) hired 25 sangomas to “cleanse” one of its facilities in Pretoria, the Democratic Alliance (DA) said yesterday.

Gauteng DA safety spokesman John Moodley said they had received information that the sangomas had been paid about R30 000 each.

Moodley said the NIA needed to tell South African citizens why they required such a major cleansing ceremony and why the sangomas were paid this vast amount.

It is understood that the ceremony was held at the National Communications Centre in Pierre van Ryneveld, Centurion.

Moodley asked why such heavyweight cleansing ceremonies were necessary and whether that meant immoral or illegal acts were being carried out there.

NIA spokesman Lorna Daniels confirmed that the ceremony had been held on Friday last week.

“There are a number of unaccounted graves on premises dating back to 1940.

“As a government department, we have contracted Freedom Park, who is responsible for this kind of ceremony,” said Daniels.

She said it had been a multi- phase ceremony in which Freedom Park had invited the sangomas and members of various religions.

However, she dismissed the claim that NIA had paid about R750 000 to the sangomas. “It is ridiculous to think that the NIA could pay such a huge amount of money,” she said. “The ceremony was just to recognise the graves.”

It is understood several cattle were slaughtered during the ceremony.

3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

It sounds more like the No Intelligence Agency. Their brains are 200,000 years behind the white man's brain, so this type of behaviour is well expected. They are not depicted as the "uncrowned beasts of the field" for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Do I laugh at this, or cry? I just don't know any more.

Maybe just a long drawn out sigh and then move on!

Anonymous said...

Quite correct Thisisafrica These stories sometimes just sound like a bad joke.