Sunday, November 23, 2008

Farm Murder Nr. 3016

The onslaught continues. I wrote about the genocide of white farmers in South Africa the other day. Please believe me that this is happening. I am not one prone to conspiracies and the like but 3000+ murders of farmers has to point to something other than common criminality. White farmers form the biggest group of whites affected by crime. You can no longer afford to remain silent. You MUST care!

The police and ANC regime are not keeping statistics because it is obvious they just don't give a damn and were it not for the dedication of Crime Busters of SA, these peoples' deaths would be swept under the carpet.

It is a horror that must be stopped. I ask again, how many must die before you make a noise. By 'noise', I mean, why are you not calling your local police representativ
es, your MP, the political parties, Genocide Watch, the United Nations, whomever? Do your damndest to bring this genocide to the attention of the world and more importantly, other South Africans. Of course they will ignore you but that doesn't mean you don't keep hammering away. Spread the news, send emails, link to this blog and others (see links) that have the information and get the message out. You owe it to your conscience and you owe it to these people. It is time we get angry, dammit.


Farm Murder Nr. 3016
20 Nov 2008 - Laetitia Prinsloo shot dead, Vaalbank farm.

21 November 2008, another attack on a farm in Vaalbank, the Legemar family - Bronkhorstspruit - the is besieged, none injured.

'It Was Like Warfare here'

Beeld journalist Fanie van Rooyen reports that in the second massive farm attack by a large gang on an Afrikaner family within two days, the Legemar family was besieged and their farmhouse peppered with 30 bullets last night.

"It was warfare here last night. We are happy we are all still alive,' said Mrs Ineke Legemar, 47 after a massive attack in which the family homestead was besieged.

The parents and their five children, Cor, 21, Willemien, 20, Petra, 16, Dieter, 13 and Cariene 9 had a miraculous escape, they believe. The family homestead is located only 3km from the home of Dr Duncan Prinsloo, 61, shot in his back last night during an attack in which his wife Laetitia, 54, was shot dead.

The Legemar parents and the oldest son Cor, 21, fired shots in self-defence during the siege - and the attackers then fled, but none were hit.

The erf was strewn with glass shards and bullet cartridges. The family had already been awake because the dogs were barking constantly.

"We knew things were wrong and got ourselves ready,' he said. As soon as the first shots were fired the Rayton security service (GBA) was called and the police. It was quiet for a while and the family ensconced themselves inside the homestead - the small children crawled beneath the beds and the oldest son, and the parents each took care of defending various parts of the house with their handguns.

The attackers had crawled beneath an electrified fence which surrounds the homestead to get into the erf. They made no attempts whatsoever to steal the family cars which were outside, unlocked nor anything else.

"We believe they came here to kill us, it was a murder attack,' said Mr Legemar.

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