Thursday, October 30, 2008

US Election: Are you still undecided?

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Anonymous said...

Well said!! Remember your history America - don't fall for this new "change", which will destroy your beautiful country and your people!
Keep praying!

Anonymous said...

I am very much afraid of this personality cult, both in Obama and Zuma, it is disheartening how low our political discourse have sunk. I get very afraid hearing people chant Obama, Obama, Obama, like some kind of mantra, eerily reminding me of Nuremberg.

But this is is happening globally, people do not know anything about the guy or what he stands for, they just want change without realising that when he is elected they will get the most leftwing candidate in the recent history of the Democratic party and probably the biggest majority (thus able to block so called filibustering or slowing down of laws) for decades in both houses. On top of that the democratic party as whole has shifted hugely to the left.

So be afraid, very afraid. But if you guys could vote, who would you vote for? Check this out:

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Well said Leifur. I blame it on the mindless sheep mentality of the youth, the pop cult mentality.

We had a similar experience here in Aus last year. We had a good PM who had governed solidly for 11 years then along came a guy, unknown, Kevin Rudd (left wing) and the media and youth went bananas. Shrieking, fainting, the shouting was "Kevin07". See the rhyme? A catchy slogan..meantime, like Obama, Zuma, he promised all things to all people.

One year on, he is being slammed at the polls, down 20% in some by-elections, he hasn't done what he said he would do.

I had a friend who I argued with about Rudd and he was pro-Rudd, would not listen, would not hear anything negative, you know, kind of like Obama. No, he said, Rudd is going to 'change' things for the better, blah, blah..

Two days ago, out of the blue my mate says, that f**king Rudd is a wanker, he hasn't delivered anything.. But I said, I told you. Why don't people listen?

Obama is going to be a calamity. In a few months the media will have turned against him, the truth about his radical associations will finally be discussed, and people will be saying, "why didn't we know this before the election?"

Pew Research did a study and found the US media is 70% in Obama's camp. As they say in life, be careful what you wish for, you may just get it, and it seems they will and the US will suffer for decades to come as a result.

Obama will pull out of Iraq and expect to see Iraq War 3 when the next president comes into office. Expect also to see the US going the way of France in terms of socialist policies. Once the Pandora's Box is opened by Obama, it cannot be closed.

The American people are about to make the biggest cockup of their lives voting for Obama.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on most points. The Obama - concress - House axis is going to do just the opposite of what the US needs to do to fix its main problems. That is instead of reducing spending, lowering and simplifying taxes (especially corporate) and most importantly reducing the future liabilities of the US state (SS, Medicare, Medicaid, military pension and so on), they are going to increase it on all fronts.

And thus they will have to cut the only spending that is really justifiable, military spending. Just as Biden sayd, the world, i.e. worlds dictators and enemies of libertiess, is going to test the new administration, and when it reveals itself as soft, those forces our going to go full frontal. Exspect dictators to be more brutal and act without impunity, others are going to take powers as democratic elements in many countries are going to loose power with the gradual weakening of the US.

The only thing you are really wrong is that I don´t expect the media to go against him, they will coerce as they will not admit they were wrong, just like in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe, Vietnam and probably SA. Best wishes,


Es. did you vote on the webpage I pointed out to you? There is only one country in the world that is pro-McCain. Some are tied. So far South Africa´s 2175 voters are all for Obama. I wonder how high it could go for McCain if some of this page´s visitors would vote correctly ;).