Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Parasites in the water

More water problems. Nary a week goes by that we do not report on water problems, be it in Kwazulu-Natal last week to the Eastern Cape this week. Be careful what you drink, cook with and bathe in.

From blood worms to faeces, the country's water supply is reeking of decay caused by the lack of skills forced on the population by the ANC's racist affirmative action policies. The money is there to spend, it's just that nobody knows how to spend it wisely. This problem was unheard of in the bad ol' days of apartheid - South Africa enjoyed the cleanest water in the world - and now it has, like all things been reversed since 1994. It is time people understand that the ANC simply must go. They are incapable of governing. Lives depend on it in every sense.

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The community of the small seaside hamlet of Sunrise-on-Sea near East London is living in fear after residents discovered “mysterious parasites” in their drinking water.

Residents said the problem has been around for nearly seven weeks now.

Marlene van Brakel said they were worried that they might have drunk the water containing the parasites long before the creatures were discovered.

She said they had contacted various Buffalo City departments and Amatola Water officials.

“It’s definitel
y a health risk and a number of people had been to the doctor with stomach problems and running tummies,”she said.

Van Brakel said her family started to boil the water since spotting the creatures in the water.

She added that municipal officials tested the water - which the offcials said came out negative. Residents were told that they could continue drinking the water.

She claimed that the water was apparently tested for micro-organisms and not for the par

“The water is not drinkable, apparently they tested it for E.coli but they never tested it for the worms, so how can they say this water is drinkable?” she asked.

Residents said they were upset with the muni
cipality’s response to the water problem.

Describing their situation as “disgusting and a health hazard”, another resident, Belinda Torr, said she stopped drinking the water.

She had made arrangement with a local farmer to provide her with water.

Buffalo City Municipality spokesperson Samkelo Ngwenya said the municipality had been taking necessary precautions by conducting laboratory tests in the area on a regular basis.

He said they found that there were no harmful bacteria that were detrimental.

But he added that investigations were being conducted to find out where the organisms in the water originated from.

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