Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Open season on the police

More incidences of police officers being murdered. It is almost a daily occurrence. Our thin blue line is being dissipated. What happens when people decide that being a police officer is no longer worth the risk? Who will stand between us and anarchy? If the criminals don't fear police officers in uniform, then they fear nothing.

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Yesterday I read an article on Valerie Zitha, a 27 year-old police student constable who was shot on a train between Mamelodi and Silverton in Gauteng on Sunday.

She was on her way to an anti-crime prayer meeting.

Zitha was in uniform and was allegedly accosted by two men... they demanded her service pistol which she did not have with her. She was then shot in the upper body by one of the suspects and died on Sunday night in a Pretoria hospital.

I was pretty depressed after reading this. The irony is that she was on her way to an anti-crime meeting. It just seemed so unfair.

Then this morning I log onto IOL and one of the headlines read, “Cop shot dead after walking ill person home.”

Yes, just six hours ago, a police constable was shot dead in cold blood in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, after a constable and his partner, also a constable, had just returned to the police van after assisting a person, allegedly mentally ill, to his home in the same street.

They were approached by an unknown armed man who immediately opened fire on them, and the constable was fatally shot in his head while sitting behind the wheel of the police van.

Now I know this is very depressing, but this is the fourth police murder in the last ten days.

Last week, a policeman was shot dead while on duty in Durban's Umlazi suburb. The 52-year-old detective, Inspector Simphiwe Manyoni, had been assisting a complainant on Sunday when he was shot in the head.

Another top cop, Dries van Tonder, who had secured 100 convictions, was shot dead in Bez Valley, Johannesburg last week after arresting a man with an AK-47.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of all these police officers.

It is a stark reminder that our women and men in blue are risking their lives everyday to keep us safe.

Next time you see and officer, please give them a friendly smile, and give them the respect they deserve.

Yes, there are bad apples within the SAPS, but the majority of police officers wear the badge proudly, and with honour.

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