Thursday, October 16, 2008

‘I was raped by four women’

I don't know where to go with this one. Ladies..?

This story is uncannily similar to the one that appeared in News24: Hunt on for female gang and posted here. Four women, North West Province/ Pretoria/ Rustenburg area, same modus operandi. Apparently this gang has been banging around for quite a while.

As I said before, if they looked like these alongside,
er, send them my way..

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Man hospitalised after being kept as a sex slave.

A Tembisa man says four armed women kidnapped and raped him for two days in Pretoria after he’d hitched a ride in a BMW on the way home from his mother’s funeral.

Matome (not his real name), from Ivory Park informal settlement, says he was driven to a flat in the capital city where his abductors fed him drugs and food and emulated porn movies as they took turns raping him. He can’t walk properly because he says his genitals are painful.

Matome says that on Sunday he took a taxi from Tzaneen to Polokwane then got a lift from a woman wearing a Bloemfontein Celtic replica jersey . She sported red shorts and was driving a black BMW.

“We agreed on a R100 fare to Pretoria from where she said I could catch a taxi to Ivory Park (near Tembisa). I was directed to the back seat of the car because she was going to pick up someone along the way.

“We talked of a number of things and I remember her saying that I had the looks of a man she used to date. She said I reminded her of him. When we arrived at Mokopane she picked up another woman dressed in a long floral dress.

“At Naboomspruit she stopped and picked up two heavily built women in black jeans. One had a red T-shirt with an HIV-Aids emblem on it while the other had a blue top on. They sandwiched me,” he said.

Matome said that from then on the women started discussing, in Setswana and Sepedi, parties they had attended.

“When we approached Pretoria, one of them sprayed some liquid into my face and I passed out. A few hours later I woke up in a flat where I was drugged.

“Inside the room there was a big sign saying ‘Welcome to the World of Sex’. All four women were armed with guns and they told me I was not their first victim. They then forced me to swallow pills that drugged me.

“The women then drugged themselves and made me watch pornographic movies and emulated the actions. They fondled and kissed me until I was aroused. Then they repeatedly raped me without using condoms,” he said.

Matome says the women released him on Tuesday and dumped him in Kempton Park where passers-by spotted him and called an ambulance. He was discharged from hospital yesterday.

Lesiba Manamela of the Ivory Park police confirmed that cops were investigating a case of rape and kidnapping. Matome was taken to hospital for HIV-Aids tests and treatment for shock.

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Adriana Stuijt said...

White SA men warned: don't even talk to any female hitchhikers trying to hitch a ride... they could be blackmailers...

Oct 23 2008 KINROSS POLICE STATION. These are Vanderbijlpark businessman Johan Oosthuizen (63) and wife Ria.

Oosthuizen escaped a blackmailing-trap which had been set by five aggressive black women who had climbed onto his bakkie, stolen his keys and forced him to drive to a cash-point while he'd stopped at the Leandra intersection on the N17 yesterday.

Beeld newspaper reports this apparently is a way to shake down white male motorists who are waylaid while stopped at stop signs and robots. The women try to get into their cars and then proceed to blackmail them -- by tearing their clothes off and threatening to lodge charges of rape against these men. With such a large number of 'female witnesses' willing to testify in sworn statements, such men often just pay up, fearing that they'll be thrown into police holding cells and charged with rape, police said.

Oosthuizen was driving his single-cab, fully-laden bakkie between Kinross and Vanderbijlpark on the N17 when a black woman knocked on his passenger window at the stopsign of the Leandra-intersection, demanding to be given a ride. He never picks up hitchhikers, and certainly had no intention of doing it this time either, he said. However the window was slightly open and the woman managed to get her hand through and opened the door from the inside to get in.
"I was still gesticulating to her that I didn't have room for hikers, when another woman also tried to climb onto the loaded bakkie in the back, briefly drawing my attention away from the other one. She put her hand through a narrow gap of the window, and managed to open the passenger door from within, ' he said.
"Quicker than you can say knife, she was seated on the passenger seat and seconds later, four more women were climbing onto the boxes and squeezing into the empty spaces on the back of the bakkie.'

The woman in front demanded that he give them money -- and shortly thereafter his bakkie's key was grabbed, while one started tearing off her clothes and the women told him that they'd turn him into the police for 'rape" if he didn't give them money; implying that they had 'friends at the police station'...

You rich Free State farmers rape us women...
"One woman started taking off her clothes and said 'we'll tell your wife what you did." Another taunted him: 'We know the cops around here, Oupa, you rich Free State farmers always come here to rape us women,' another taunted him.
Oosthuizen felt very threatened and humiliated he said, but he devised a plan, promising he'd go and draw some money at a cash point. He stopped at a deserted petrol station's cash point, using a fake PIN with his card. This convinced the aggressive group of five women that the machine was broken and they tgys allowed him to drive on. He drove to the nearest police station and stopped in front of it, tyres screaming, honking loudly - and when the police came rushing out to help, the women jumped off and disappeared.

Police superintendent Eugene Opperman said such crimes are generally not notifie d to the police 'because the men feel so humiliated and threatened.'
He urged men to turn these women in for trying to blackmail and threaten them -- not to be embarrassed about it so that such practices would stop.,,3-975_2415096,00.html