Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is ANC

In light of the decision by Parliament to disband the Scorpions, I thought I would remind you of the resolution entitled Ethics and Integrity adopted by the ANC at its Polokwane conference. What a laugh! I have added some (sarcastic) remarks in bold.


1. ANC members and leaders in particular should continue to actively promote ethical and democratic values and lead by example. Like visiting the thuggish and corrupt brute who has led Equitorial Guinea since 1979 as Zuma did a week ago? I thought so.

2. ANC members and leaders in particular must avoid conflicts of interest or perceived conflicts of interest. You mean like the 40 MPs who voted to disband the Scorpions after they were the subject of a Scorpions investigation in Travelgate? Got it.

3. The ANC must provide leadership to society as a whole in the fight against corruption. By disbanding the arms of the state which has achieved a 90% conviction rate against corrupt thugs? Glad to clear that one up.


4. The private sector in its national and foreign business dealings must be held to comply with and promote the highest standards of sound and ethical corporate governance and social responsibility. By making donations to political parties which remain secret from the public? Thanks for explaining that one.

5. The public sector should continue to play a leadership role in ensuring ethical conduct and integrity in all aspects of the national integrity system through multi-sectoral forums such as the National Anti-Corruption Forum. What about installing a man into the most senior public sector job of all - president - who has the largest corruption cloud in the nation over his head? Thought that would do the trick.

6. South Africa should continue to promote its anti-corruption values and interests in continental and international structures. By attacking judges who rule against corruption as “counter revolutionary”? Lovely. Now we are at idem!

The shine that is the pile of shit called the ANC has gone and most mainstream media in South Africa have cottoned on to it - finally!

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