Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arms deal cost now at R47 billion

To put this figure into perspective consider this; if the government spent R5 million building one school, this amount would have built 9400 schools! Or 31 state-of-the-art Green Point Stadiums.

Instead, the sham that is the Arms Deal to purchase weaponry for which we have neither the need, the means to maintain or ability to use, conjured to enrich ANC elites and fund the ANC is bankrupting the country.

This is money that could have been spent to start our own Marshall Plan but inste
ad we have been saddled with a horrendous debt [that can only get worse due to the Rand's depreciation] which our grandchildren will have to pay.

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South Africa's controversial arms deal could cost more than R47-billion - nearly R17bn more than the original amount, the department of defence has revealed.

In a written reply to a parliamentary question from the Freedom Front Plus, the ministry says the value of the Strategic Defence Package at the time of contracting was just over R30-billion (in 1998 rand value).

During 2000 the projected sum had grown to R43,828bn, based on fluctuations in the exchange rate at that time, the ministry says in its reply.

A total of R36,114-billion has been spent on the Strategic Arms Acquisition programme to date.

Programmes still to be finalised involve the Gripen and Hawk aircraft and Agusta A109 helicopters.

"The submarines and Corvette programmes are (to) all intents and purposes complete, except for some outstanding funding commitments liable on logistics," the ministry's reply says.

"The 2008 projection for the total cost to completion of the Strategic Defence Package is R47,525-billion."

Freedom Front Plus MP Peter Groenewald said the extra cost was "disconcerting".

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