Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another gruesome muti killing

FYI, for foreigners, muti is a Zulu term for black traditional medicine. In southern Africa, muti is sometimes associated with murder and mutilation in order to excise body parts for incorporation as ingredients into medicine and concoctions used in witchcraft.

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Butterworth has been rocked by another gruesome killing similar to that of a nine-year-old boy just ten days ago. This time, police found an unidentified man’s body dumped on a farm in Tutura near the town, also with missing organs.

Police spokesperson Captain Lingisile Magama said the body of a man - estimated between the age of 30 to 35 years - was found dumped on a farm belonging to a local a around midday on Friday.

The man, police believed, was killed elsewhere and dumped on the farm - as no blood was found in the vicinity nor was there any sign of struggle.

He was found with a deep incision on the left side of his body where his heart was removed, both eyes had been gorged out and his private parts were sliced off.

“He had other wounds on him showing that he was severly beaten.

“We suspect the same person who killed the boy…” Magama said.

Magama described the victim as having a dark complexion, beard, medium height and heavy in weight.

He also had an indecipherable tattoo on his right shin and was found dressed in a green shirt and trousers.

The only thing on the man’s body was a slip of paper with a fax number written on it.

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Anonymous said...

Just to think that stone age people like that have a vote is enough to highlite the futility of democratic elections under such circumstances.