Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ANC wins Nobel prize in chemistry

In 1994 our rand stood at R4,52 to the dollar.

And now, over R11,00 to the dollar.

I nominate our leaders for the Nobel Prize for chemistry.

In only 14 years they have turned our rand into shit.

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JanDeKlerk said...

This is ingeneously funny. And soooo true!

FishEagle said...

Good one!

Anonymous said...

This is sad , funny and true !!!!

Anonymous said...

It will not stop here. The slide of the Rand will continue.
Zim comes to mind here.

Anonymous said...

It might be worth mentioning that most world currencies have been sliding against the dollar lately. The dollar is artificially high as a result of the $700 billion bail-out package.
But I guess that means little to you people just wanting to report bad news. (that being said, I think the ANC suck too)

Anonymous said...

@ anon 7:51..

Like you said MOST world currencies have been slipping against the dollar, the Rand being probably the worst. That's not reporting bad news, that's reporting the truth.

The reason we report on the Rand's demise is that this is a South African blog and the Rand affects everyone who has an interest in SA affairs.

We're not looking for just 'bad news'. We'll be the first to trumpet the news of the Rand's return to glory when it hits R5 to $1. Fair?

The Rooster said...

All world currencies have slid against the dollar. Thank god the rand slid too our we'd lose our competitiveness in the export markets and become even more reliant on imports. In fact some people say the rand is still overvalued...let's hope it stay around 11 so we can keep expanding our manufacturing and export secotr (but sadly it will probably come down to around 9).

Anyone who thinks the rand sliding is a bad thing...well..they're a Noob.

The Rooster said...

No doberman , the rand is not hardly unique. The korean won and japanese yen, new zealand dollar , australian dollar etc etc etc etc have all taken it up the bum against the falsely inflated U.s dollar. Hearing you lot talk about economics is like listening to nuns describe an orgy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roost, how's things?

This may come as a shocker but I agree with you [partly] as far as the Rand is concerned. A lower Rand is excellent for exports BUT bad for imports that we consume in volume - like oil.

The gains we achieve by a lower Rand is negated by the increasing costs of petrol, transport etc, which impacts food prices, clothes and basics, the stuff that impacts the poor. We are screwed either way.

Anonymous said...

@ Roost comment at 10:34..

Just as I thought a dim light of intelligence was about to flicker in your empty skull comes another inane comment.

Here's the difference douche bag. The Rand unlike 'other' currencies WON'T RECOVER.

The Rand (see the graph) has been in perpetual decline since 1994 whereas all the other currencies recover, grow strong, look active. They RECOVER, geddit?

The Aus dollar, Jap Yen et al will be back on top in no time whereas we'll be looking back at the Rand in 5 years when it is R20 to the US$ and wish for the good old days.

If you have nothing constructive to add, keep your mouth shut. It is better to let people think you are a fucking twat than open your mouth and remove all doubt. You are a plonker, do you know that?