Saturday, October 25, 2008

ANC buries missing R100 billion

If only there was a way to show the poor wallowing in misery in shacks, unemployed and starving what their elected 'officials' are doing to them. How ironic that their despair is directly linked to the people they continue to vote into power?

R100 BILLION (US$9 billion), not million, has gone missing, unaccounted for in this financial year alone.

Seven departments have been given qualified opinions, in other words, no completion of an audit is possible because the Auditor General needs more information from the departments.

The money may have been stolen, wasted, who knows? That's what the Standing Committee is meant to do - find out where every penny has gone. And should an impropriety be discovered, it is handed over to the Scorpions...
oh wait, damn, we don't have the Scorpions anymore.

And how much time would you think is needed to trace R100 BILLION? Considerably longer than 3 days, right?! It should be that important.

But what this again highlights is the ANC's total disdain for the struggling, hard-working South African taxpayer and the plight of millions living in squalor. The ANC by this action further leaves the impression that it is hiding something hence the fast-tracking of the queries process. Another reason why our 'democracy' is doomed to fail unless we find a credible opposition to stop the ANC. At some point, the bottomless money well will run dry.

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Parliament's Standing Committee on Public Accounts will have only three days in which to scrutinise around R100 billion in departmental budget allocations that have been queried by the Auditor General.

The DA’s Eddie Trent has appealed for more time to be allocated, but this has fallen on deaf ears.

Said Trent: “ANC members of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) yesterday blocked a Democratic Alliance (DA) proposal that the committee allocate time during the upcoming constituency period to consider the many outstanding annual reports on its agenda. In a year in which at least 7 government departments have received qualified opinions from the Auditor-General, this amounts to a refusal by SCOPA to scrutinize almost R100 billion in budget allocations.”

The errant departments:(these numbers are in BILLIONS!)
o Defence - R26 843 640bn
o Land Affairs - R5 928 269bn
o Correctional Services - R11 384 409bn
o Home Affairs - R3 520 898bn
o Health - R13 092 136bn
o Sports - R5 067 207bn
o Justice and Constitutional Development - R6 943 919bn
o Water and Forestry - R5 862 513bn
o Land Bank - R17 142 435bn
o National Prosecuting Authority - R1 861 266bn

This oversight failure paves the way for officialdom to stop taking the Auditor General seriously, which in turn paves the way for the abuse of public funds in the absence of checks and balances.

And there will be no Scorpions to investigate criminal activity.

Trent again:
“Should these departments not be brought before the Public Accounts committee to account for the state of their financials, approximately R97 646 692 billion in taxpayers’ money, which has been allocated to these departments in their annual budgets, will go unscrutinised for the current financial year.”

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Anonymous said...

And we have a brand new band of thieves that cant wait to get their turn art the state coffers. This economy can not possibly sustain this amount of plunder.

Anonymous said...

Almost 27 Billion Rand gone from the Defence Department. Now you understand why Lekota is so keen to stay on the gravy train. Phuck the lot of this thieves !