Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Africa's Obsession With Land

After reading a blog by my fellow blogger regarding land redistribution I decided to put pen to paper.

What is it with Africa, and its obsession with land? Is it just another wayward African belief that land equates to wealth? I mean don't labour under the illusion that because South African whites are relatively wealthy and because they own most of the land, that there must be a link between land ownership and wealth. There isn't.

Does Africa believe that everyone in the developed world owns land? Why is the myth that we are all entitled to a piece of land, perpetuated? Landless does not equate to homeless, that is a seperate issue. Land ownership is not an assured wealth creator, you still need to productively employ this scarce resource. In fact land ownership can be a liability and usually results in additional financial and management hardships.

A cursory examination of the Top 100 wealthiest individuals in the world will yield very few land owners. Instead wealth is created through the harnessing of information or knowledge. As long as Africa clings to voodoo science and mythology it has no hope of ever creating any wealth for its people. In fact a sound business model may be to let "emerging farmers" take the land, and then teach these "emerging farmers" to farm by selling your expertise to the government.

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