Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3 held for killing rapist

The rape scourge in our country is out of control.

According to official statistics, one out of four South African women has been or will be raped. See United Nations Population Fund.

As far as crimes go, rape
is the most heinous reprehensible act short of homicide. Rape hits close to the bone because of its personal nature - and although most rapes do not end in death, the act of violating a human being's dignity is a death in kind and a trauma that lives with the victim for the remainder of their years - and also affects those who care for the victim. In addition, the prevalence of Aids means the victim is effectively given a death sentence.

I ask you to recall how violated you felt when you were burglarised or had your car stolen. The idea that someone had entered your space, violated your stuff - that feeling. Now imagine an attack on your daughter, or sister or mother.

I do not know what cultural traits breed creatures that garner the notion that they can violate other human beings. How do they become so psychopathic/ sociopathic that to them rape is as natural as eating?

I know what I would do to a rapist - precisely what these three people have done. Do you blame them? If the police and the justice system won't protect them, what choice do they have but to take the law into their own hands. Their mistake was reporting it to the police.

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Three people were arrested after they beat an alleged rapist to death, Eastern Cape police said.

"A couple in their fifties made a report at the Nemato police station on Saturday, saying that an attacker entered their house, and tried to rape their daughter," said Captain Mali Govender.

The couple told police they tried to ward off the attacker while he was trying to rape their daughter and they assaulted him.

"Police opened a case of attem
pted rape...and when they investigated further, they then found the body of the alleged rapist who was severely beaten."

The couple as well as their 27-year-old son were arrested.

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