Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1,5 million orphans in SA

Unfortunately few of these kids will receive an upbringing that involves respect for others and other's property. Through circumstances not of their doing they are being forced to beg and steal, in many cases just to survive - setting the stage for another lost generation of people, uneducated, lacking morals, lacking prospects and likely living a life of crime and repeating their parents' mistakes.

It is true that many are orphaned as a consequence of parents dying from Aids and a large part of the blame can be laid at the feet of Mbeki and Manto who dithered while hundreds of thousands died needlessly from Aids - but blame must also be apportioned to the reckless behaviour of people who shag everything that moves, the consequences be damned, producing offspring that they neither want or are able to care for - leaving the burden to the rest of society.

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The number of orphaned children in South Africa is estimated at 1.5 million, Social Development Minister Zola Skweyiya said.

Although the country had done "incredibly well" to provide a safety net for the poor, which included giving a child support grant to 8.3 million children, more needed to be done, said Skweyiya in a speech.

"However, South Africa is facing a challenge of increasing numbers of orphaned children, abandoned babies, worrying levels of abuse, neglect and exploitation of children. Most of these children need permanent homes," he said.

He said the department currently provided social support to 20 657 child-headed households, while 11 328 community caregivers were trained.

Children being abandoned and neglected could be partly attributed to high levels of poverty, unemployment and unwanted teenage pregnancies.

Foster care was a useful short-term intervention while encouraging families to adopt children was a permanent solution.

"According to South African Social Security Agency's statistics as of September 2008, a total of 494 992 children were in foster care and were receiving the foster care grant.

"In addition, there is a backlog of about 157 000 reported cases of foster care waiting to be finalised."

The backlog was due to a shortage social workers.

According to the adoption register the number of adoptions in South Africa was "very low" because of a lack of awareness about adoption services.

In the 2007/08 financial year 1 682 children had been adopted, compared to 2 055 children in 2006/07.

"We therefore need families and individuals to come forward and provide children with permanent homes, to make their lives more stable and meaningful," said Skweyiya.

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Adriana Stuijt said...

That is the most dreadful condemnation of Thabo Mbeki's denialism of Aids. Not only have 520,000 people died during just a five-year period under his 'guidance' from 2000 - 2005, as you wrote in a previous report, but these children were left orphaned by the epidemic, and are also increasingly forming the backbone of the huge number of feral, armed gangs which are plaguing South Africans.

And this epidemic shows no sign of abating and is now also TURBO-CHARGED with the new co-infection of drug-resistant Tuberculosis which is killing people off much faster than before. Medisins Sans Frontieres says there are at least 8 million AIDS+TB INFECTED people in South Africa right now. Out of a population of 47-million - and they are the working-age, child-producing age, so South Africa can 'look forward' to its entire next generation becoming orphaned at a rapid rate, too. Where will it all end?
The CIA website notes that the population-growth of indigenous South Africans has already dropped to 0.40% in other words they are now nearly at zero-population growth.

The CIA also notes that the only reason South Africa's population still increases is because of the massive influx of illegal migrants from the rest of Africa. And those guys aren't brainwashed into voting for the ANC, either. Small wonder the ANC is in such a panic: their voters have all been dying off at a massive rate only because of little old Thabo. Small wonder he's not being invited to their meetings any longer.

Does he still live at Tuynhuys? What is the score there anyway. He seems to have dropped off the radar of the news media altogether.