Saturday, September 27, 2008

Zim: Fancy a farm?

Here's the problem: Zim is starving. Zim needs food. Zim has farmland but no farmers, um, said farmers having been white farmers viciously chased out by Old McGarbage and his goons.

Here's the plan: Zim may let farmers back and some white farmers may return and put the country back on its feet, get food to the market, every
buddy is heppy again. No more rats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here's the rub: As Clint Eastwood put it, “You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya punk?”

How sure are you that Zanu-PF won't kick your lily-white butt out of town as soon as you have fixed the farms?

No thank you. One butt-kicking in a lifetime is enough.

- - - -

Zimbabwe, facing food shortages blamed partly on its large-scale seizures of white-owned farms, is considering allowing some interested whites to return to farming, a minister said.

President Robert Mugabe's government has received more than 200 applications from whites to take up farming again, land minister Flora Buka said on Saturday during an agriculture conference in South Africa.

"As regards white commercial farmers, there are some who have indicated that they would want to continue farming," Buka told Reuters.

"Their applications are being considered. If they are willing to stay, that is also going to be considered. Also, the amount of land they have is also going to be considered."

Asked if the government was still confiscating land from whites to redistribute to blacks, Buka said: "Yes, we are still resettling our people on the land that is state land."

Many of Zimbabwe's white farmers have gone overseas or to other African countries after often violent land grabs backed by Mugabe, who initiated the redistribution program six years ago.

Industry analysts say only about 600 of Zimbabwe's 4,500 white farmers have kept their land.

Zimbabwe was once the breadbasket of the region and a net exporter of maize and other essential cereals to its neighbors.

But food agencies say the departure of experienced white commercial farmers has cut into agricultural output and exposed Zimbabweans to persistent food shortages. Meanwhile, a severe economic crisis has led to a shortage of foreign currency and surging inflation of more than 1,000 percent annually.

The U.N. World Food Program said last week 1.4 million Zimbabweans will need food aid in the next six months despite improved agricultural output last season.

Mugabe's government has forecast production of 1.8 million tonnes of the staple maize, but food agencies, while acknowledging output has improved, predict a lower crop.

The WFP said 10 percent of the country's estimated 12 million people would need aid before next April.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. They do think all whites are stupid - and indeed some of these leftists, usually women alas, are still staying there, hanging on by their fingernails and sending whimpering 'letters from Zimbabwe' all over the world - while still praising the Mugabe regime to this day even though they have lost everything.Some people however will never learn, off they will go again, a fresh crop of keen-eyed whites from the UK who are lured by promises of land 'and to help build Zimbabwe up again...' It's such boring samo-samo crap being handed out again. Don't fall for it!

Anonymous said...

I read some time ago that the Mozambique government has been inviting Ex Zim farmers with their tobacco growing expertise to go and farm over there. They've been given 100 to 120year leases on the land with the option of renewal for future generations to continue farming there if they wish to do so.

Good idea?

Maybe not, and here’s why & you can draw parallels to current Zimbabwe and even South Africa in a few years time once the ANC ‘re-distributes’ the land and chases all the whites clean out of the country. Mozambique is one of the poorest countries on earth, the re-introduction of whites there will lead to resentment amongst the blacks, even though this re-introduction is totally beneficial to them, even though a few successful whites would have the capacity to create thousands of jobs, improve infrastructure, better facilities ect. Without any sort of segregation this will benefit every single person in the country. The black’s only see ‘the rich white man’ they hate him only because HE is living a life of luxury, and when I say luxury I mean not shitting in the bush!

Blacks in Africa want to have their ‘cake & eat it’ they want ALL the benefits the whites bring, but without the whites. Even if they inherit a fully functioning country like they did in S.A they will wreck it quicker than you can say WTF happened here? Then beg those they hate the most to bail them out & unfortunately there are plenty sucker who fall for the “hey they want/need us back, lets pull in”.

Those who have lived in Africa understand how volatile the continent as a whole can be, things can go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye, there are possible dictators born every 10 seconds, all it takes is one of these bastards to get in & you’ll see an entire region in serious trouble, like we have seen with Robert Mugarbage & soon we’ll see with Zuma!
All I can say for these people who romanticize in the idea of returning to Zim/Mozambique & soon S.A is…

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, SHAME ON ME!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9:40..

Very well put.