Monday, September 22, 2008

Tutu: I am deeply disturbed eishhh !!!

"I am deeply disturbed by recent events in our beloved county.

The so-called recalling of the President of our land fits the pattern of the settling of scores and the throwing about of weight that has happened post-Polokwane.

" Why sack two Premiers with only a few months of their terms left to run and then to re-employ one of them in the Presidency if it is not to prove that there are new cocks of the walk?

"Why humiliate the nation's President in this fashion like the two Premiers with only a few months of his term of office left and that without giving him the chance to respond to any charges that the NEC might have laid?

"Ironically one of the reasons Judge Nicholson declared Mr Jacob Zuma indictment invalid was that the NPA had not afforded him the right to explain why he should not be charged.

"President Mbeki has scored many significant achievements in our economy and in promoting peace in Africa, most recently in Zimbabwe. But he has made many enemies even within his party for his intolerance of challenges and dissent.

South Africa puzzled many of our friends by odd foreign policy decisions that betrayed our history on his watch. Those enemies have got their revenge and are gloating as they rub his nose in the mud.

"There is nothing principled about that. It is good old fashioned tit for tat.

It is arrogant, cynical opportunism, that at one moment they can, when judges find against them, call the judges 'part of a counter-revolution' and when they do find in their favour represent 'judicial triumph'.

"It is possible that a post-Polokwane purge will hurt some people who could also be plotting their revenge one day. Our country deserves better.

The way of retribution leads to a banana republic. "I am deeply disturbed that the nation, the State, South Africa, has been subordinated to a political party.

'South Africa belongs to all who live in it'; not to any political formation, however powerful.

"Perhaps now we will call for changes in our Constitution. Let our President be elected directly by all South Africans and let us abolish party lists. They are pernicious and produce sycophants.

Let our representatives be elected directly by their constituencies. If the reports are accurate that Mr Zuma did not participate in this distressing debate and opposed the 'recall' of his comrade, then I commend him warmly.

"I pray that we will return to civility in our public discourse. Politicians must remember that even the most powerful parties bite the dust at some point especially when they forget those who put them in power.

"We have a wonderful country with wonderful people of all races. For goodness sake let us not sabotage it. "Let us remember that the Freedom Charter declares: 'The people shall govern'.

"Please let us, the elders, not go to our graves with broken hearts."

3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Tutu like millions of others are beginning to realise that they backed the wrong pony in the ANC.

That's what we are here for. To tell people the evil that is the ANC that if left unopposed will lead us to a complete breakdown, like Zim. That's not sensationalism, that's a fact Jack!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Tutu is deeply disturbed, period.

The question is what will he do about it? Preach them to death?

Anonymous said...

That's a worried look pastor.