"Despite all the turmoil of the past two weeks, it is interesting to note that the majority of people (75 percent) still feel that Jacob Zuma should stand trial for corruption including 58 percent of blacks.

Interestingly, 41 percent also feel that Mr Mbeki should also stand trial for corruption, including 51 percent of blacks," said TNS.

Just under a half of the sample feel that the dismissal of Jacob Zuma in 2005 was a mistake, although, at the time, a similar telephone study revealed that 74 percent felt Mbeki was correct to release Zuma.

Notably, 86 percent of respondents felt Mbeki had served loyally, with 14 percent feeling he should be dismissed from the ANC.

Seventy-six percent saw the recall of Mbeki as disrespectful — blacks at 70 percent and whites at 76 percent, but coloureds measured 89 percent.

"These responses suggest that the ANC's action in recalling President Mbeki is seen as wrong both in absolute terms and in terms of the manner of how it was done.

He is clearly seen to have served the ANC loyally for many years although 14 percent feel he should be dismissed from the ANC," said the researchers.

This survey was conducted among adults from the seven major metropolitan areas of South Africa, interviewing them by telephone in their homes, with a margin of error of under 7.0 percent.