Friday, September 19, 2008

SAPS crime stats lies

On Thursday, the SAPS presented crime numbers to parliament. Bear in mind these numbers are gathered by the same retards manning the stations responsible for protecting us and we all know what a sterling job they are doing (sarc). While a fraction are dedicated and decent, the vast majority of police members are useless.

These people wouldn't know service if it bit them on the backside. Between alternating fingers up their nostrils and their arses - with KFC in the other hand - you are lucky if you can get them to do actual police work.

The chief retard at each station collects his "figures" and they get collated by some head honcho somewhere who tweaks the stats - such as changing "armed house invasions" to "burglaries", "rape" to "assault" and so forth. Y'know, 'lesser' crimes.

That is why you see a drop in some figures and a rise in others. It is like squeezing a balloon. Squeeze the balloon in the middle and the sides bulge out but the balloon size stays the same.

It does take some very creative accounting to make it all tally up but then again, who can tell? The SAPS and ANC guvmunt won't allow independent monitoring of the crime stats.

I give as much credence to these latest figures as I do to Zuma when he says he doesn't take bribes.

The reader who sent in this article also makes very good points.

They are in denial still... same ole, same ole lies. Firstly I find it very strange that this OLD and DATED news article has reappeared on News24 today 18 September 2008 - who are they trying to convince?

Secondly there are a 101 reasons why we shouldn't believe a single word this organisation of criminals has to say.

At least a third of these affirmative action losers (less the 552 policemen who were suspended between April 2007 and March 2008 for committing serious crimes) lack the appropriate skills and are illiterate. They are unable to read, write or understand the plethora of documents so why should we believe they have a clue how to count, let alone record, the number of murders and rapes in SA.

They are unable to manage basic finances, allocate expenses and cannot account for hundreds of millions of rands, so what makes us think they can account for hundreds of thousands of murders, attempted murders and rapes?

- - - - -
The incidence of murder, attempted murder and rape dropped over the past year, according to the South African Police Service's 2007/08 annual report, tabled at Parliament.

The number of murders dropped from 19 202 in the previous year to 18 487; attempted murders from 20 142 to 18 795; and rapes from 39 304 to 36 190.

The report covers the period from April 1 2007 to March 31 this year. Some of the crime statistics were released by SAPS earlier this year.

The number of truck hijackings and robberies at business premises rose dramatically in the period under review. (balloon..?)

Truck hijackings soared to 1 245 from 892 incidents in 2006/07, an increase of 39.6%, while robberies at business premises went from 6 689 to 9 862 over the same period, an increase of 47.4%. (balloon..?)

More stringent law enforcement
And in what the report noted was "probably the result of much more stringent law enforcement", the number of cases of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs rose from 38 261 in 2006/07 to 48 405 in 2007/08.

The report showed the number of serious contact crimes, including murder, attempted murder, rape, assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, common assault, indecent assault, aggravated robbery and other robbery, was down in all categories.

These crimes, which accounted for almost a third of recorded serious crime in South Africa, showed an overall decrease from 711 261 cases in 2006/07, to 671 685 in 2007/08.

"These decreases... represent a major improvement on the situation recorded during the 2006/07 financial year," the report stated.

On the spate of bombings of automated teller machines around the country, it noted these had escalated rapidly.

"During 2005, only 12 such incidents were recorded, which escalated to 54 incidents during 2006, to 386 incidents during 2007, and a projected total of 538 for 2008."

Residential robberies
On robberies at residential premises, the report said these rose 13.5%, from 12 761 in 2006/07 to 14 481 in 2007/08.

Over 86% of these robberies took place at night (between 18:00 and 06:00), with over a third of the break-ins at this time occurring between midnight and 03:00.

On car hijackings - there were a total of 14 201 incidences of this during 2007/08 - the report said at least 70% occurred "at the gates to or on the driveways of residences".

The number of children (under the age of 18 years) murdered in South Africa rose from 1 152 in the previous year to 1 410 in 2007/08, an increase of 22.4%.

The number of reported rapes of children dropped from 17 224 to 16 068 over the same period.

The highest social contact crime ratios (crimes per 100 000 of the population) were recorded in the Western Cape in respect of murder (58.6), indecent assault (38.2) and common assault (674.9); and in the Northern Cape in respect of attempted murder (70.3), rape (92.5) and assault with intent to commit grievous bodily harm (898.0).

(Hat tip: Denise)

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