Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"The realignment of politics has begun"

The resignation of 14 Cabinet Ministers loyal to President Mbeki signals the beginning of a radical realignment of South African politics. It is clear that behind the display of unity, that there is deep dissatisfaction with the ANC NEC's decision to recall the President.

Many of the Ministers resigning, including Trevor Manuel, Mosiuoa Lekota and Ronnie Kasrils, served their office with distinction. That the ANC is willing to sacrifice them and risk our country's stability in order to wreak revenge on the President, speaks volumes about its lack of commitment to stable government.

The time is now upon us to radically realign the political landscape. We must bring together all of those in the opposition and in the ruling party who believe in the supremacy of the Constitution and build an alternative to Jacob Zuma's ANC.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) will take this process forward with those who share our vision for a non-racial, democratic and prosperous South Africa in which all are equal before the law.

Statement issued by Democratic Alliance leader, Helen Zille

Resignations "an unmitigated disaster"

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, the President of the Inkatha Freedom Party, has said that the resignation of eleven ministers, including the Deputy- President and the Finance Minister, has disturbingly demonstrated that the decision to recall President Mbeki by the ANC was made in "indecent haste", was "ill-conceived and ham-fistedly handled", and can only serve to further erode the political stability of SA.

Prince Buthelezi paid tribute to the courage of the Ministers who had resigned and described today's events as "an unmitigated disaster "and as "a watershed moment" in the history of the country's democracy.

Statement issued by Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP, President of the Inkatha Freedom Party.

De Lille expresses "shock" over resignations

ID President Patricia de Lille says the ID ‘was shocked to hear about the mass resignation of Ministers from the Cabinet.

‘It is clear that the ANC is now at war with itself. The once-proud liberation movement has now definitely lost its way,' Ms De Lille says.

‘Over the past few days the ID has stressed that the ANC must have a clear plan to deal with the resignation of the President and any other Ministers and senior officials. ‘Clearly, this has not been done and while the ANC assured the nation that certain Ministers would stay, they are instead leaving,' says De Lille.

‘The Zuma camp has failed to plan ahead to prevent political and economic instability. It is therefore the view of the Independent Democrats that President Mbeki should dissolve Parliament and call an early election.

‘South Africans now, more than any other time before in our democracy, need decisive leadership and hope,' De Lille says.

Statement issued by Independent Democrats.

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Adriana Stuijt said...

A Dutchman in South Africa writes, Sept. 24 2008 on the blog "The Evolving Ape"- by some Swedish bloke:"

"Let me point out some small day to day irritations (in South Africa):

1.telephone cables stolen 4x in as many months.
2.The grass and trees and just about my house on 2.5 hectare plot was burned 1 month ago.
3.4 geese stolen
4.20 squatters next door on an empty plot and police tried 2x to get rid of them.their way drinking Magau and leave.
5.New rates assessment changed from a plot + house to an empty plot(from R450 to R1800)problem still not solved after 2 months
6.Shopping 3 out of the 5 times overcharged takes ten minutes to rectify.
7.Walking daily with pistol cocked and ready to shoot.
8.Shotgun under the bed and pistol under the pillow at night.
8.My neighbor attacked at night,fired 8 shots,police arrive 30 min later and did not pay attention to the attacked,but interrogated me for 30 min for my shooting spree into the lawn,which saved the neighbours from being killed.The Security guard Chubb still sleeping.By the way it takes 45 minutes to lay a complaint with the police
9.Car service(full monty),screws and engine covers on the back seat(40 minutes to fix)
10. 35 power outages in 3 months
11.On balance of probability Zuma is a crook and a thief and on balance of probability Zuma is a marionette President for the unions
and youth league and Mantashe and Viva.It will not only be rape and molesting it will be a super 3rd world country,in which the whites
behave like pity full idiots and the blacks like devolving apes
Dok (a Dutchman in South Africa)