Friday, September 26, 2008

An oxyMORON in the cabinet?

The most distressing thing about events this week is that SA might become the only country in the world with an oxymoron in the cabinet - Julius Malema as minister of intelligence.

It was hard to dance along with Julius, Zwelinzima and Jacob outside the Maritzburg High Court last week. The "m'chine" they called for seemed aimed at my chest.

I'll miss Thabo and friends. I thought it might be a great idea for Helen, Thabo, Cyril and Tokyo to start the Modern Democratic Free Enterprise Party but then I woke up and smelled the coffee.

Watching Wall Street on CNBC on Monday, I thought I was watching a re-run of "The Day After Tomorrow". Everything seemed to suddenly freeze.

I thought compassionately of all the SA CEOs watching the sudden disappearance of the millions of dollars in option money they had salted away in Lehman Bros and AIG.

Then, when Phumzile, Trevor and Co made a mass exeunt behind Thabo on Tuesday, I decided it was time to phone the Aussie embassy. The lines were jammed.

I did a quick sum based on the new level of the rand and discovered to my horror that my rand pension would not stretch to dog food in Brisbane.

My daughter in Holland and my brother-in-law in Brisbane will be glad not to receive us as squatters. Apparently they are quite strict in both countries about informal shacks.

And the Australian coast guard is pretty sharp when it comes to 14-foot Hobies from SA trying to make illegal landings on Bondi Beach.

So here I am, an economic captive in my golden years.

Before I could pop a Prozac, the kids suggested we take five days to do some thinking - on the beach at Mozambique.

I responded by declaiming heroic words I remembered from long ago:

"There lies the port, the vessel puffs her sail, There gloom the dark broad seas, Old age hath yet his honour, Death closes all but something ere the end, some work of noble note may yet be done....

"Come my friends. ‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world, Push off and sitting well in order, smite the sounding furrows, for my purpose holds to sail beyond the sunrise until I die."

The kids had never heard of Tennyson, so were moved by my apparent eloquence. They did not correct me on Tennyson's "sunset". (Ulysses was sailing westwards, fool. We'll be going eastwards.)

Grandson Matthew (10) asked his mother about senile dementia.

So on Sunday we are off to launch the Hobie into the lapping waves at Tartaruga near Ponta Malongane, wherever that is.

Come to think of it, the rand is a strong currency down in Moz. Cerveza there is cheaper than Castle here and the prawns are a fraction of the price at Jimmy's.

In between hurricanes, the weather is fairly balmy. I'm told there are no objections to little palm shelters on the beach. They've cleared the landmines and only the cops and the mozzies are life threatening.

So I am not sure we'll be back at Murders Drift in a hurry.

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Can we Oxycute the Morons?