Monday, September 22, 2008

Mbeki axed, can now elope to Jamaica with Mugabe

Thabo Mbeki says his dramatic axing as president of South Africa is an opportunity to spend more time with the man he loves, Robert Mugabe.

According to the deposed Mbeki, the celebrity couple are likely to spend their autumn years in Jamaica, drinking pina coladas and writing memoirs that will explain why everything is a conspiracy by everyone against everything.

Some political analysts feared that the resignation of Mbeki over the weekend would leave a leadership vacuum, but South Africans have responded well, saying that they are used to living in a leaderless, directionless country in which the careers of politicians take precedence over the well-being of citizens.

"Nobody has actually been running the country per se since Simon van der Stel was Governor at the Cape in 1691," historian Tacitus Hungwe said this morning.

"Shaka did fairly well, but he was limited by resources, the burgeoning colonial presence in Africa, and by being a psychopath with a penchant for disembowelling his cabinet ministers.

"The British thought South Africa was a cricket club in Nairobi, and of course the Afrikaner nationalists were less interested in the rule of law than in their policy of paving everything with facebrick and making sure every white family had a Maltese poodle, a golf-ball letter box, and a maid called Gladys."

This morning a spokesman for Mbeki and Mugabe, who are affectionately known as Mubeki, asked the public to respect their privacy in "these trying times".

He confirmed that after resigning Mbeki had left South Africa immediately to be with Mugabe on his private game farm, a country-sized estate called 'Zimbabwe'.

He said that Mbeki had "always found solace and refuge" in 'Zimbabwe', as paparazzi could either not afford batteries for their cameras or were too busy having electrodes attached to their genitals in polling booths to attempt to photograph the former South African president.

However he added that Mugabe had recently become "deeply disenchanted with Zimbabwe".

"Mr Mugabe has always been clear on one point: if you can't do whatever you want, why do anything at all?"

As a result, he said, the couple were seriously discussing eloping to Jamaica where they would be "free of the racists who insist on holding them accountable for misdeeds which they were forced to commit by the racists".

He added that they would probably be on their way as soon as Mugabe had withdrawn his retirement savings from the National Treasury.

"We're probably looking at about a week," said the spokesman. "The withdrawal is quite a laborious process, what with excavating to the foundations of the Treasury, blasting it free, loading it onto trucks, and so on."

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Adriana Stuijt said...

I can't remember the last time I had such a good laugh as at this article. It's true - they are ALWAYS seen holding hands whenever they visit each other.

Anonymous said...

We can only wish the two bum chums the best for the future NOT! ;) Good 'un Loggi!!

Anonymous said...

he he great blog as always!

Sponge-Bob-square-pants and Tarboy make a great couple. We should name them "Mugabeki" or "Thabob" like Brangelina and Tomkat. Maybe they will also be adopting some Cambodians.