Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tourists are not safe in South Africa

Don't believe the lying face of Zakumi, the WC2010 mascot...

British tourist, SA woman gang-raped by six-man armed gang at Hippo Lodge, Honeydew.

Sept 23 2008 - HONEYDEW. Police have set up a task team to probe rape attacks, hijackings and armed robberies targeting families inside their own homes as well as at businesses in Honeydew.

The entire greater-Honeydew area - a middle-class region north of Randburg/Johannesburg -- has been suffering from a spate of violence-driven crimes in recent months.

In the most recent attack, two women were gang-raped at the weekend when six heavily-armed men broke into a chalet at the Hippo Lodge on Saturday night and held up its occupants.

They robbed the guests of all their valuables and cellphones -- and then raped two women -- one a South African, the other a British tourist. The men then fled in a stolen car.

Crowds of rioting pupils torch school in angry protest against FIFA WC2010 stadium evictions:

Sept 23 2008 - Nelspruit, Matafin township, South Africa.

In scenes very reminiscent of the anti-apartheid riots, hundreds of toyi-toying black South Africa schoolchildren yesterday burnt down their school while demonstrating at Mpumalanga's 2010 Soccer World Cup stadium in Nelspruit on Monday.

Hundreds of stadium-workers were again prevented from entering the gates by the pupils. These children have been protesting for several months now.

Yesterday their anger at the local ANC-officials' ignoring their plight, reached breaking point. In their weeks-long attempts to be heard, pupils - some as young as eight -- joined in to protest about their stifling-hot 'temporary' Zozo-classrooms and delayed the stadium’s construction by yet another day.

Pupils evicted from the Cyril Clarke Secondary School in Mataffin marched the few kilometres from their temporary Zozo-classrooms to the stadium on Monday and again on Tuesday, just as they did last week and for several months before that -- demanding to be let through the gates and stopping all construction work.

Among angry talk of "taking back our old classrooms" in the building site, the pupils danced and whistled, shaking fighting sticks and branches outside the stadium gates, with J&M Security and a heavy police presence keeping a watchful eye.

"Those classrooms are too hot, there is no fan or air conditioner and it is summer!" one of the boys shouted. The local health department confirms that at least six pupils a day collapse from the stifling heat inside the Zozo-classrooms in the moist Lowveld climate.

One group of pupils distracted the police, while another group torched a library and two of their hated temporary prefab-classrooms in protest against being evicted from their old, solid, brickbuilding-schools, just to make way for a football-stadium parking lot this week.


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Anonymous said...

The ANC is now on the receiving end of the infamous riots which can be launched by South Africa's feral schoolchildren. I wish them much luck -- clearly the local ANC-officials can't control their own electorate and things are getting out of control everywhere. The same thing is happening on the Golden Highway, where motorists are constantly being pelted by rioters.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, its starting to look like the days of Apartheid again. You reap what you sow.