Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Expropriated farm brought to ruin in 8 months

Grow green fingers people. Be prepared to grow your own food. If the guvmunt insists on turning productive farms into wastelands then the story below highlights the danger of where we are heading - Zimbabwe. We have a strong vibrant farming sector - for now - but it is beginning to strain.

The mission of the ANC is to destroy everything it lays its hands on. It is singularly the most stupid, incompetent bunch of fuckwits ever. They are utterly useless, like watching a troupe of monkeys playing with a taser shocking themselves time after time but going back to pick it up again.

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A farm and holiday resort near Brits in the Northwest province which was expropriated in January 2008, lies neglected while equipment and water pumps are being stolen. Carcasses of animals which died as a result of thirst lie around everywhere.

A bush bucks` remains lies in a toilet where it had tried in vain to relieve its thirst. Previously it had been a very busy holiday resort where water troughs had provided animals with water.

Mr. Andrew Gerber, FF Plus member of the Northwest Legislature, who visited the farm with the previous owner, says it was a gruesome picture to see. He says it boggles the mind that there could be people who act in such a way. The FF Plus will be asking a question in the Legislature of the MEC to determine who the current owners are of the farm. The owner(s) should be charged for the abuse of animals.

It appears as if nobody had visited the farm again after January 2008. Furthermore, no fire belts have been made as prescribed by law. The terrain has a fence around it and if a fire should break out, the remaining animals will burn to death as there are no escape paths for them.

This is just yet another example which shows that the government's land reform plan is a hopeless failure. Productive farms and holiday resorts which had previously brought in tax for the government now lie wasting away.

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Anonymous said...

Yep Doberman, I love your taser analogy

Anonymous said...

I hope all left in SA starve. If they want to be dumb then it is their own fault.