Sunday, September 28, 2008

ANC to Malema: Shut up boyee!

See also: 'Child' Malema smacked and 'ANC can't tell us what to do'.

I think they just have, idiot.

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Controversial ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has refused to be drawn on his alleged gagging by senior ANC leaders.

Malema's silence during the political turmoil of the few past days prompted reports that he had been instructed by the party leadership to tone down his rhetoric.

But when contacted about the matter by the Cape Argus on Wednesday, Malema would only say: "Ask the ANC, not me."

He did, however, insist that there had not been a need for "toning down" utterances such as his infamous "We will kill for Zuma" slogan.

"There is nothing to be toned down here," he said.

ANC spokesperson Steyn Speed said he was not aware of a discussion with Malema by ANC leaders and could not confirm whether one had taken place.

It has been alleged that senior ANC figures had become tired of Malema's controversial war talk, with even ANC president Jacob Zuma becoming embarrassed by his outbursts and irritated at the resultant effort required to explain them.

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