Monday, September 22, 2008

307 arrested in Hillbrow

From time to time, the media reports crime blitzes like these that lands hundreds of people. What does it mean?

103 arrested in Jhb crime blitz
190 arrested in Jhb crime op
360 people arrested in Jhb

Firstly, kudos to the police for apprehending these people but what happens next? They get bail and are back on the street the next day.

With a conviction rate of 7,7% for robbery (most of these people were apprehended for robbery and theft), that means just 24 of these 307 people arrested will be convicted, 283 will be back on the streets, presumably to be re-arrested some time in the future. Check the worry in their eyes. The scale of the problem is immense. We have to fix the judicial system or these raids mean nothing. I have sympathy for the cops.

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About 300 people were arrested in Hillbrow during a crime prevention campaign over the weekend, Gauteng police said on Sunday.

Captain Bheki Mavundla said 307 people were arrested for crimes like possession of drugs, robbery and theft.

They would appear in the Hillbrow or Johannesburg Magistrate's Court soon.

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