Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yes, it was bad water

The results of ANC misrule can be quantified in deaths - through their wanton neglect of the needs of the people and denial of their inability to rule.

A 'liberation' movement does not a government make and the ANC and Zanu-PF in Zimbabwe are ample examples of that fact.

Their inaction on the Aids pandemic, crime, corruption and mismanagement of funds at national and local level all leading to a breakdown in society leads to hundreds of thousands of needless deaths. Like that of 142 babies. Nobody is accountable, no one ever is.

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After the hospital deaths of 142 babies this year in the Eastern Cape’s Ukhahlamba municipality denials were issued that contaminated water was not to blame.

Now a 10-page summary of the provincial health department’s report into the deaths admits poor water quality was a factor, but adds the usual government spin-doctoring that other factors could have played a role.

These are the usual excuses trotted out for every failure: socio-economic factors, environmental health issues and human resource challenges.

Oh please. After months of public pressure – including a Promotion of Access to Information Act application by the DA – the summary raises even more questions.

Why, for instance, when an official health report identified a breakdown in a water purification works last October, was nothing done to repair it then.

Is it still not functioning? Has anyone taken the rap?

And why can’t the public, especially the grieving parents, see the full report? Surely these human resource challenges are not beyond the capacity of the health department?

Why are we waiting?

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