Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scorpion's goose is cooked

The demise of the Scorpions is edging closer, with parliament's justice and safety and security committees set to hold public hearings on the necessary legislation over the next two weeks.

Briefing the media on Wednesday, safety and security portfolio committee chairperson Maggie Sotyu and her justice committee counterpart Yunus Carrim virtually closed the door on any last minute backtrack on the issue.

That the Scorpions would be dissolved was not an issue, Sotyu said.

The decision had been taken by the ANC and it was now simply up to parliament to implement that decision, she said.

Contrary to media speculation about "tens of thousands" of submissions having been received from the public, only about 100 had been submitted by the deadline.

Over 55 500 petitions from individuals had been received from a single email address - all stating the same thing - and some 24 000 individually signed petitions also stated the same thing.

These did not help the process of formulating the legislation, as they simply opposed the Scorpions' closure.

Only 35 people or organisations had asked to make oral submissions to the committees during the upcoming public hearings. Sotyu said the committees would be briefed on the draft SA Police Service and National Prosecuting Authority Amendment Bills on August 5, and hold public hearings at parliament on August 6 and 7. Public hearings would also be held in all nine provinces from August 11 to 15.

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Anonymous said...

So much for Democracy. The ANC has decided, end of story.