Thursday, July 31, 2008

Afrikaners: Beware of Zuma, says HNP

The rightwing Herstigte Nasionale Party warned Afrikaners against falling “hook, line and sinker” for ruling party leader Jacob Zuma’s attempts at wooing them.

“In 2007, there was even a braai hosted by De Kat magazine where Afrikaners socialised with this communist and Afrikaner hater,” HNP deputy leader Sydney Gregan said in a statement.

“But this was not enough. The next thing the punch drunk and humiliated Afrikaner had to experience, was when a so-called Afrikaner organisation, named Solidarity, further humiliated the poor white by inviting this sworn communist to a poor white settlement where he would express his so-called concern about them.”

The trade union earlier this month invited Zuma to visit a poor white informal settlement to witness that poverty did not only affect black people.

Gregan described Solidarity’s invitation to Zuma as opportunistic.

“It reminds one of the equally questionable actions of professor Carel Boshoff who once invited the communist Nelson Mandela to Orania.”

The HNP warned against Zuma being portrayed as the “knight in shining armour”.

“That the public fell for this hook, line and sinker is just a confirmation of the enormous destructive influence the media enjoys on people.”

Gregan said behind the “friendly mask of Oom Jacob” was a “communist who hates the Afrikaner and who still wants to destroy white people in this country through various methods”.

The HNP came into being in the late 1960s when a number of MPs broke away from the former National Party because they viewed the party’s sport policy as too liberal.

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