Friday, July 25, 2008

Zuma visits white squatter camps

Yes, foreign readers, the terrorist movement your governments supported and put into power in South Africa, the ANC wasn’t content to see more black poor, it helped create a new set of poor squatters – whites – something that did not exist before 1994.

Not only do we have more black poor, we have new white poor.

It could have been so different. We could have taken what we had and moved forward.

Instead, through terrible policies we chased away our talented people, creating more unemployment then shutting out an entire race group from job opportunities. Fourteen years later, the place is a mess.

Our Glorious Future Leader
Zooma true to form changes tack and preaches to the audience what they want to hear.

Expect more poverty for both black and white when a new ANC elite claims their dues for backing their pony La

The solution is to rid the country of the ANC monopoly fullstop. Nothing else will suffice.

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The problems faced by poor white informal settlements were very similar to those faced by poor black people in squatter camps, ANC president Jacob Zuma said on Thursday.

Briefing over 100 residents from Bethlehem and other informal settlements in Pretoria West, Zuma said he was "shocked and surprised" on his return visit to the settlement.

"I was shocked and surprised when I came here, with the reality staring at me.

The similarities of issues here, I've found in every black squatter camp." Zuma said.

He said the problems faced included access to water and toilets, and that he had been "itching" to interact with people on that issue.

"We are dealing with problems that affect our people and they are problems of life and death."

He said the gathering, organised by trade union Solidarity, was not a political event despite some election style signs.

"This is not about politics, it's about people who are poor, who are in need and want to be helped by government." Zuma said.

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Anonymous said...

You should be very careful about the way you state facts. Of course, the sight of white squatters is another depressing sign of the development and mismanagement in South Africa. Yet, you forget that history has shown that poor whites always existed in South Africa (they had come from a agrarian society deep in depression in Europe) and were protected and hidden. Poor farmers in the 1920s were saved by laws that introduced segregation, and well-functioning farmers (mostly black) were destroyed because they did not cultivated the way Europeans saw fit, and their numbers needed to be controlled. So, first read history and then state facts. The fact that they are squatting instead of living in housing subsidized by the government is the only difference in their state of living.

Anonymous said...

History is an interesting issue, always subject to interpretation and the eye of the beholder. What you neglect to add is that in the 1920s, blacks were not precluded from applying for menial jobs such as council jobs etc which whites are denied today. That exacerbates the problem for whites.

Apartheid only became formalised in 1948 but prior to that I can show you instances where old black money thrived and still does today, despite the Brits/ Afrikaners attempting to block them at every turn. What that says is that opportunities existed for blacks before and during apartheid that does not exist for whites today under the new reverse apartheid.

During apartheid, blacks were held back but by no means precluded totally from jobs. Whites today are. Not quite the same is it?