Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Winds of Change are blowing

Things are a-changin’ in South Africa.

The ANC has succeeded in doing what no one else could do before - that is, draw the white population (“the newly disadvantaged”) closer together as shown by the increase in support for the Freedom Front Plus.

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The FF Plus's number of votes has grown with nearly 360% during a ward election in Pretoria.

In 2006 the FF Plus had 9% of the support in the ward as opposed to the DA’s 67%. With a recent by-election, the FF Plus had in two years increased its support to 45% as opposed to the DA’s 48%.

The FF Plus has in a by-election in Ward 55 of the Tshwane Metro (Pretoria) grown spectacularly and increased its voting numbers with about 360%, from only 524 votes in 2006’ municipal elections, to 1889 votes.

The leader of the FF Plus, Dr. Pieter Mulder, said in reaction to the positive results that the progress which the party has made in this election is part of a series of successes which the FF Plus has clinched during the last couple of months. The FF Plus is a growing party which is increasingly establishing itself as the mouthpiece of South Africa’s newly disadvantaged.

“The result indicates new voting patterns which could be repeated in the general election next year”, according to Dr. Mulder. The chairperson of the FF Plus in the Greater Pretoria Area, Mr. Willie Spies, said in his reaction the results spell out good and exciting prospects for the next municipal election in 2011.

“The ANC was the biggest loser in the elections”, according to Spies. “The ANC’s support fell with 15% from 22% in 2006 to only 7% this year. If the results of this by-election are projected onto the whole picture, a coalition of minorities, in which the FF Plus will play a leading role, could end the ANC’s rule in Pretoria after the 2011 election.

To accomplish this, the FF Plus will have to consolidate its support amongst the otherwise
apathetic DA inclined Afrikaner voters and the DA will have to increase its support amongst black voters.

This is exactly what happened in the by-election in Ward 55 and therefore the results spell out good prospects for minorities in Pretoria”, according to Spies.

Ward 55 is currently suffering under the increasing phenomena of white poverty and unemployment. The most desperate poverty is found in Elandspoort and Danville (which forms part of the Ward).

The FF Plus had obtained a majority of votes at the three voting points which served the Elandspoort and Danville areas. The FF Plus obtained 783 votes at these three voting points as opposed to the 718 votes that the DA obtained.

In 2006 the FF Plus had 9% of the votes in this Ward as opposed to the 67% of the DA. With this by-election the FF Plus has in two years increased its support to 45% as opposed to the DA’s 48%.

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