Saturday, July 12, 2008

What men want

Oh, give over! Rampant crime, corruption and all that and people are irked by a little eye candy?

We should all be grateful for a little joy in our fear-filled lives. It is innocent stuff and intended for consenting adults. Are we becoming too peecee like the rest of the world or are the tannies of the Nats era back?

I mean, just
FIVE complainants of the Teazers ad and poof, it’s gone!

C’mon ladies, your form is aesthetically pleasing to the male eye and allow us this little treat.

The pics in question do not portray nudity and many a billboard show men in Calvin Kleins without us men calling in to complain. Ag, pleez

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Standards body cans adult club’s billboard for being ‘degrading to women’

Two billboards for a strip club featuring scantily clad women have not only raised some Johannesburg residents’ temperatures, but also the ire of others.

Teazers and a Johannesburg-based establishment, The Lollipop Lounge, were reported to the Advertising Standards Authority for ads that were too

The ASA received a number of complaints about two billboards on opposite ends of the city; one in Roodepoort, west of Johannesburg, and the other in Sandton.

The Lollipop Lounge, which is a lap-dancing venue in Randburg, has been allowed to keep its 7m- high billboard at the bottom of Golf Club Terrace in Roodepoort.

The ad features a blonde in a sultry pose next to a vintage car, clad in a skimpy swimsuit and thigh-high boots, brandishing a rainbow-coloured lollipop. “Come, treat your Lolli ...” the ad reads.

But the saucy language and the suggestive confectionary was too much for the 10 complainants who lodged papers with the ASA, alleging that the ad “exploits, demeans and objectifies the depicted woman”.

They also claimed that the adverts were placed at a busy road, where it could be easily seen by young children.

However, the ASA this week dismissed the complaint, noting that there was “an inherent degree of objectification” within the adult entertainment industry. The ruling added strip clubs were a “recognised trade” in which men and women were willing participants, and that the right of strip clubs to advertise their services was constitutionally protected.

The ruling made reference to a long list of related complaints heard where gender stereotyping was alleged, saying the ASA’s directorate “has often come across advertising showing the female buttocks”.

The popular Teazers restaurant and revue bar chain, which operates from several venues around the country, was not similarly treated.

The ASA slapped down the adult club with an unfavourable ruling, ordering it to withdraw a billboard that until the ASA complaint was received, was perched perkily along Sandton’s Grayston Drive.

The ad is dominated by an ample bosom trussed in a pink lace bra and being supported on either side by a pair of well-manicured hands. “Load shedding at Teazers” reads the punch-line.

The 5 complainants alleged that the ad was “degrading to women” and should not have been placed near a school.

Pointedly referring to the absence of the rest of the model’s body from the ad [it “disembodies” the woman], the ASA concurred that the billboard reduced women to sexual objects.

It also took issue with the raunchy punch-line, saying the phrase “load-shedding” had a sexual connotation “in adult circles”.

Teazers has been ordered to withdraw the billboard with immediate effect, and it “may not be used again in the future”.

Teazers owner Lolly Jackson was unavailable for comment, but a spokeswoman for The Lollipop Lounge, known only as Gigi, was “delighted” by the decision.

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Anonymous said...

This really is pathetic. It reminds me of the farcical issue of old Whothisface writing an article in the papers on satanism being a religion and being fired for his views! It is a result of a marriage made in hell: Between the lefty peecee brigade and the afrikaaners (still sitting in their pews in the NG Kerk on Sundays and feeling all self righteous "die sout van die aarde")whilst all around them, Rome is fricken BURNING to the ground. Catch a wake up guys, pleez damit!

Anonymous said...

YUMMY ! I want a couple !!