Thursday, July 24, 2008

Union boss threatens ministers who don’t follow orders with the chop

Vavi to Manuel: Toe the line or get out

South Africa is ruled by the thugs from the ANC, the Communist party and Cosatu.

This same tripartite alliance has elected Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki.

They have now put their man Jacob Zuma in the driving seat and they will in turn be rewarded with the highest office of this country. Very scary thought indeed but a guaranteed reality if the opposition parties cannot unite to fight this ANC regime that claim they will rule this country until the second coming of Christ.

Let us also not forget their Marxist goals of equality for all while the leadership flies first class and dines in the finest Sandton and London restaurants, whilst soothing the blind mice followers with cries for lower food prices.

In the meantime they are prescribing policy and instructing our lame duck president on when and how high he will jump. Our country is effectively run by this axis of evil, and the elected President is a mere puppet.

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Cosatu boss Zwelinzima Vavi issued a chilling warning to cabinet ministers about high food and fuel prices yesterday.

His message was simple: “If you don’t listen, sizoni bamba kuleyo ndawo [we will grab you by that place].” Vavi gestured at his groin.

He was speaking to a crowd of about 25000 workers, members of unions affiliated to his federation, in the Johannesburg CBD. They were protesting about rapidly increasing food and electricity prices.

“I will not say it, lest the Human Rights Commission calls me in again,” he said, referring to his recent run-in with the commission over his “kill for Zuma” comments.

Vavi warned Finance Minister Trevor Manuel and his cabinet colleagues that they would be sacked, like Eastern Cape premier Nosimo Balindlela and Western Cape premier Ebrahim Rasool, if they did not follow the “pro-poor policies” adopted at the ruling party’s national conference in December in Polokwane.

His threat came as President Thabo Mbeki, his ministers, provincial premiers and senior civil servants were locked in a four-day cabinet lekgotla in Pretoria at which they are expected to set the government’s priorities for the last eight months of Mbeki’s term.

Before the meeting, Mbeki’s cabinet was given a set of directives by ANC party bosses .

These include making priorities the reduction of unemployment and increasing spending on housing, education and social assistance for the poor.

The party aims to establish a political order that will intervene more aggressively in the economy in a quest for higher growth rates and sustainable development.

Cosatu warned that if government and business leaders “do not listen” to their demands, the national strike on August 6 will be used to herald further “mass action”.

Vavi yesterday singled out Manuel — who on Monday said the Treasury would not zero- rate basic foodstuffs to help the poor cope with rising food prices.

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