Monday, July 28, 2008

This is the future South African leadership.

This is the very same leadership that will take over the reigns as Ministers, Parliamentarians and Premiers in the Zuma presidency.


An organizational report by the ANC Youth League has painted a bleak picture of the state of the organization, with the collapse of more than 500 branches.

The report was presented to the youth league's national conference, which took place in Mangaung in the Free State in April. The conference was addressed by various tripartite leaders including ANC president Jacob Zuma, who thanked the league for standing by him when he was almost in political oblivion two years ago.

He urged the league to continue playing a critical role in the ANC.“You are therefore playing your rightful role when you participate actively in the processes of the ANC, including influencing the leadership composition.

You also continue to guard the ANC, ensuring that we do not stray from the democratic traditions of the movement,” Zuma said.

The organizational report confirmed a Mail & Guardian exposé last year, based on an internal report that painted a grim picture of disarray with seven of the league’s provincial structures collapsing or in deep crisis.The organizational report shows that since the last conference, in 2004, the number of youth league branches in good standing has dropped from 2 194 to 1 606.

Only branches in two of the nine provinces, KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo, are in good standing.“There are areas of weakness wherein we have not done well as an organization.

Most prominently is our consistent failure to build the organization in areas which are dominated by whites, coloureds and Indians. Our strategy of mobilizing the youth has not yielded any positive results.“This continues to pose a threat to the struggle for the creation of a non-racial society.

In most of the minority areas where we exist, we exist as special branches and we have failed to build fully fledged branches, which would have more than 100 members,” says the report. Some political commentators have attributed the decline in the number of branches to leadership squabbles and internal rebellion, while others say persistent problems within the league are a result of divisions within the ANC.

In the past two years, several ANCYL leaders who were perceived to be opposed to the league’s support for Zuma were purged from the organization. A number of provincial structures, including the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape, were disbanded partly because of political in-fighting.

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