Thursday, July 24, 2008

Steve Hofmeyr curses murderers of friend, 76, Willie Rousseau

Another elderly person killed in cold blood.

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The heart-broken Afrikaans singer/songwriter Steve Hofmeyr said the murder of his lifelong family friend Willie Rousseau, 76, has cut him deep.

Rousseau was kidnapped and murdered in a region which Hofmeyr had always viewed as the safest in South Africa.

Hofmeyr said ' these kind of cruel crimes are just getting too close '- and placed himself on record as saying that he wishes only the 'very worst possible punishment' to the murderers.

"It's not because they killed someone I knew and loved, but because they prey on defenceless elderly folk and children'.

He called on local communities countrywide to show up en masse at the courtrooms where such murder suspects appear -- to show their solidarity with the friends and families of the country's many murder victims.

Third Force destroys everything: "We are working so hard at an ideal where everyone could live together and love one another, but then comes the third force and destroys everything.'

He had always viewed the West Coast as one of the safest places in South Africa -- but then something like this happens to tear his illusions apart.

Two of the three suspects arrested for the Rousseau murder are expected in the Malmesbury court on Monday.

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