Friday, July 25, 2008

South African children play 'rape me' games

At the risk of giving our racist f**kwad friend over at undue attention, I was referred to a post the fool wrote where he wonders where we come up with the ‘false’ stories of school kids playing “rape me, rape me” games. He alleges we fabricate the stuff.

Ordinarily I would have ignored it but he typifies the kind of mindset that makes for a perfect ANC comrade bootlicker.

Now assuming he takes his head out of his arse and wipes the shit out of his eyes, he may want to see the truth versus the propaganda bullshit he spews daily about the wonderful state of the nation and the ANC. I believe his latest reason for loving everything about the country is "
the weather?!"

Methinks he will keep his head up his arse. He wouldn’t know which way was out anyway and wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit him.

But here, shithead, you asked for the ‘evidence’ (will the SA Human Rights Commission do?), read it/ don't read it and then go f**k yourself - again.

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South African schoolchildren are so affected by crime that they play games of "rape me, rape me" and mimic robberies in the playground, according to the country's human rights commission.

In a report on school violence published yesterday, the commission said schools were the "single most common" site of crimes against children, such as robbery and assault, including rampant sexual violence, some of it by teachers.

The commission said it had identified a number of games pupils played in response to the violence, including one in which they pretended to rape each other. "This game demonstrates the extent and level ... brutalisation of the youth has reached, and how endemic sexual violence has become in South Africa," it said.

The report said that a fifth of all sexual assaults on young people occurred at school.

A survey of 1,227 female students who were victims of sexual assault found that nearly 9% of them had been attacked by teachers.

The commission also found that some boys committed what they called "corrective rape" on lesbians, justifying the assault by claiming that it would make the victims heterosexual.

"There is a growing phenomenon of corrective rape. This refers to an instance where a male learner rapes a lesbian female learner in the belief that after such a sexual attack the learner will no longer be lesbian," the report said.

A separate study by the Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Programme found that a quarter of secondary school students said that forced sexual intercourse did not necessarily constitute rape.

The human rights commission report said that more than 40% of the young people it interviewed had been victims of some form of crime.

It recommended that the education department consider introducing metal detectors and fences at schools, after the Red Cross children's hospital in Cape Town said it commonly treated school pupils who had been assaulted with fists, knives, machetes or guns, or who had been raped.

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Anonymous said...

Why is this site allowed by Google?

Anonymous said...

Why should it NOT be allowed by Google, or anywhere else for that matter? Citizens of a free society are allowed to voice their opinion.

Anonymous said...

Because Google has double standards. To offend pro-black hate-spewing anti-white sites is very un-peecee so they patronise them by letting them 'play' because they are inferior and know not what they do. Typical liberal mentality.

Anonymous said...

Because countries like the US and the white k4 nation of the UK is pro-k4 ! Apparently they want to be black ,thats why all their white women so frequently fucks the black shit !

Anonymous said...

@ anin 10:06..

You are absolutely right BUT why then does Google keep pulling sites like SA Sucks several times, and and zasucks.blogspot which are the opposite of the black racist blog? It seems there is more leeway for black racism but less for whites to express theirs. Get the idea? Answer that and tell me why KILL ALL WHITEYS (which the name alone says it all) is allowed to remain on Google?

Let's all be allowed to say whatever we want, like a TV tune in or tune out, but when we have peecee corporates deciding what is admissible we start treading on a slippery slope.

Anonymous said...

I was in SA and never saw kids playing any such "rape me" games, so I don't know where the human rights commission gets this from.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 02:34..

Then you were at all 50 000 schools then? Either we accept ALL that the SAHRC comes up with or only part of their work. You can't be selective when it goes against what you believe or think is fact or 'see'.

Anonymous said...

doberman, ano 2:34 is that asshole gregg, the expert that was in sa for 6 months and now know everything there is to know about SA.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10:38..

Thank you but I knew it was Greg. He sings from the same hymn sheet all the time and is easy to spot. Blacks can do no wrong blah blah..our SA expert from Howard University who spent 6 months in SA, rode lots of taxis, now knows it all, yeah, the twat has serious mental issues.

Anonymous said...

Doberman 12:28 - are you sure you are not speaking about yourself? Stop copying ideas from Bert Dooshuizen (aka Uhuru Guru) and come up with your own ideas. Even if some kids do play such games it does not prove anything other than kids will be kids.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 08:47/Greg..

Try and be coherent mate. "Speaking about myself.." What?!

If you have nothing to say, say nothing. Better that people think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

As for 'kids will be kids', yeah, what could be more innocent fun than playing "rape me, rape me" games and also raping lesbians to "fix them". Such innocent childish games. Why, my kids play the same games at school NOT!

I recall my youth, going to school, forget learning - but raping the girls..yeah that was good, aahh, such good memories.

Your comment is asinine of the highest order and as for comparing me with UG, it is an honour so Greg/anon whatever you want to be on the day, go fuck yourself y'hear?

Anonymous said...

When you said "he has mental issues" - that's what I referred to when I said are you sure you are not speaking of yourself? Now it is of course up to you whether or not you delete my post, but as far as the kids' games go, white kids here in America play plenty of "cops and robbers" and "bang, Bang, you're dead" games. No one that I know of makes the connections between that and real shootings that take place in high schools, often with white kids doing the shooting (remember Columbine, Jonesboro, etc.). That is all I was trying to say, this may be another case of people making much ado about nothing. But that is modus operandi of sites like these that try to put out that "blacks are worthless, blacks are this and that", etc. which of course is b.s.

Anonymous said...

@ greg..

First off, I don't censor opinions. But I do censor remarks that make no points and are just hateful. You are welcome to make your point and I am welcome to disagree with you.

As for stating "blogs like this keep saying blacks are bad etc", I ask that you search this blog and find any reference to blacks where the words simian, spiesgooier, sub-specie or kaffir has been used to describe a black person. You won't find any.

That is not the point of this blog. We don't hate anyone or any race because we realise we need everyone of all races to work together to make SA work and we need the black government to understand that their policies are polarising the races and it must end.

The anger whites feel is real and is going to explode. Whites feel cheated out of their rightful co-ownership of their country. That is what we are about.

We point out the racism that the ANC fought against but that has no qualms about enforcing the same racism on a minority - a minority that peacefully handed over power.

As for cops and robbers there is a big difference between that and rape games and raping lesbians. I know you will never agree so we will leave it at that as I do not wish to labour the point. We didn't bring up the subject, the SA Human Rights Comm did. Are they also guilty of saying blacks are bad?

Anonymous said...

If you do not use words like "kaffir" etc., that is great and a step in right direction. The SAS blog does plenty of that though as did crimexpo site which is now defunct. Contrary to what you may have heard from Bert (UG) or his friend Doodler - I am not some nutcase, at least I do not think I am any crazier than the world we live in. We said some comments to each other out of frustration and they barred me from posting - it's up to them since it is their blog. However, I have always simply stated things as I saw them. I just posted on Rooster's blog that I wish I had interviewed more whites including Afrikaners during my trip to SA, maybe I would have gained different perspective and I am always open to new ideas. I never said that 6 months made me an all-knowing expert. It did reveal to me that although SA has a serious crime problem, and I experienced it myself one day, it does not have crime every second at every corner. However, sites like SAS, crimexpo, etc. put out the misperception that crime is on every corner, every second and come to SA - you will be killed. Just look at posts by Snowy Smith - almost every one of his posts has that theme. Now you know that this image is not true, 98% of visitors to SA, give or take a few percentage points - that's just an educated guess, complete their travels without encountering any crime. I probably would not have been mugged myself had I not walked through Joubert Park - a very rough, run-down neighborhood of Johannesburg.