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SA schools are the most dangerous in the world

One does not have to be Dr Phil or Oprah to realize that the daily and constant exposure to crime will affect our children one way or the other.

Criminality breeds criminality, and in South Africa our youth have learnt that crime does indeed pay, and it does so handsomely.

Our equality for all esteemed ANC leadership has set a fine example to our youth as role models.

They have proven that you can achieve the highest public office in the land regardless of the number of crimes you commit and be richly rewarded for it.

We have corrupt, thieving rapists holding titles as presidents, parliamentarians, judges, police chiefs, mayors and civil servants who openly fluent their total disregard for law and order.

The justice system with a conviction rate of less than 10% has become more of a joke than a deterrent.

Our schools where our children are supposed to be safe and prepare for a lifetime of achievement, have become war zones where violence is more prevalent than education.

Children are exposed to rape, murder and parents running through the neighborhoods with machetes killing people for as little as a cell phone.

Our teenagers are committing crimes so horrific that details remain unprinted and they just get worse by the day.

Parents raping children and children killing parents. This legacy of violence and criminality has infected every fibre of society and we will bear the consequences for generations to come as we cannot begin to understand how badly this will affect our own children and their future.

South African Schools: Breeding Ground for Rape and Other Crimes
A report by the South African Human Rights Commission found that the most severe crimes against children were committed at school—not only by pupils against each other, but also by teachers against pupils.

The commission learned that 40% of all children were assaulted with fists, machetes or guns, or were even victims of rape.

The act of “corrective rape” was also being committed against lesbians, as it is believed this will make the victims heterosexual again.

Children play school games such as “rape me, rape me,” in which they pretend to rape each other—often resulting in actual sexual assaults being committed in school washrooms, empty classrooms, corridors and dormitories.

The Guardian newspaper reported that South Africa is the rape capital of the world, and that talk show host Oprah Winfrey said, “It is almost impossible for us to imagine the frequency in which these horrific crimes happen, not only to women, but also especially to children.”

Statistics released by The Times (London) reveal that each year more than one million women in South Africa are raped. “It is a fact that a woman born in South Africa has a greater chance of being raped, than learning how to read” (BBC).

As crime within the country continues to spiral out of control, the nation’s AIDS infection rate is also at its highest level ever, with rape a major contributing factor in spreading the virus. In Nelspruit, in the province of Mpumalanga, it is reported that 31% of the town’s population is infected; in certain rural areas, the infection rate is higher.

Even more disturbing: Prior to the year 2000, most rapes were committed against adults; since then, 65-70% of all South African rapes have been against children—with some as young as two weeks old, as a myth exists that sex with a virgin will cure AIDS.

Solutions to the problems children face are further hampered by school authorities who urge girls to keep quiet about the abuse they suffer, and who also urge their families not to alert the police, as this would draw unwanted publicity.

Crime wave engulfing schools in South Africa
South Africa's Safe Schools call center has received hundreds of reports of crime, abuse, vandalism and gang violence only four months after the start of the school year, local daily Cape Times reported on Friday.

The reported quoted Western Cape provincial Education MEC Cameron Dugmore as saying that his department was "deeply concerned with the recent development and the high levels of burglary and vandalism".

Figures between January and April this year indicated disturbing trends. The latest statistics from the Safe Schools call center for the period indicated that there have been 270 reports of vandalism and burglaries, 174 reports of crime, 167 reports of abuse as well as 53 reports of gang-related violence and activities.

In South Africa, crime is child's play
Violence has become so pervasive in South African schools that children as young as 7 play games such as "rape me, rape me," where students simulate sexual attacks," according to a chilling report issued Wednesday by the nation's human rights commission.

The research, which took 18 months to complete, was mostly done in Western Cape province.
Statistics were in short supply because most assaults in schools go unreported, the commission said. But the report asserted that physical attacks were alarmingly commonplace, including a phenomenon known as "corrective rape" where boys assault lesbian students to try to turn them into heterosexuals.

Scared at School: Sexual Violence Against Girls in South African Schools
In schools across South Africa, thousands of girls of every race, and economic group are encountering sexual violence and harassment that impede their access to education, Human Rights Watch charged in a report released today.

School authorities rarely challenge the perpetrators, and many girls interrupt their education or leave school altogether because they feel vulnerable to sexual assault, Human Rights Watch said.

The 138-page report, "Scared at School: Sexual Violence Against Girls in South African Schools," is based on extensive interviews with victims, their parents, teachers, and school administrators in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, and the Western Cape.

A normal kid' accused of killing three SA toddlers in resort town of George, Southern Cape: "Lambs to the slaughter":
June 21 2008 - A 16-year-old boy has been arrested for the murder of three young children in the southern Cape resort town of George last night. The bodies of the toddlers -- two boys aged three and five and a girl of four -- were found hidden in bushes, after their parents had reported the children missing at about 6pm last night.

The little playmates all lived in Maas Street in Urbansville, Conville.
"We discovered their bodies late last night in some bushes, they had been hidden," police spokesman Malcolm Pojie reported. "The whole community is shocked," Pojie reported.

He said investigators had learnt that the children had been seen with a 16-year-old boy at about midday.

"We are not quite sure how they were killed, but our forensics people are on the scene right now … a blunt object may have been involved." Pojie said. It is believed the children had head injuries, but this could not be confirmed.

S.Africa's drug-crazed children terrorize suburbs with pit bulls..
In a new craze sweeping Ocean View near Cape Town, tik-fuelled youngsters sodomise their animals and go "hunting" with their pitbulls, searching for vulnerable targets to slaughter - canine or human.
A number of Ocean View residents have been badly bitten in recent weeks, while there have been numerous cases of pitbulls entering homes and tearing apart people's pets.

One small dog was dragged from under a bed, another was pulled underneath a gate and had its throat ripped out.

"It's a new sport in Ocean View," said Sylvia Shortreed, a veterinarian at the welfare group Tears, who has also treated dogs that have been sodomised by the drug-crazed youngsters

SA schools are the most dangerous in the world:
Johannesburg - An 18-year-old schoolboy who at the age of 16 had stabbed a fellow pupil FOUR times, killing him, was sentenced to a SUSPENDED six years in prison suspended for five years by the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court on Friday.

The 'youth' -- although now 18 and thus legally an 'adult' -- may still not be named as he was a minor at the time he had murdered his fellow-pupil two years ago, on October 9 2006.
His victim was 19-year-old Nkosana Mbele.

The murderer-'youth' was ordered 'not to commit a similar crime within the next five years or he would be arrested.'

Child rape: Only 5% convicted
Child rape has increased by up to 400% in the past eight years, but there is still only a 5% average conviction rate, national children's rights group Childline says.

The shocking figures, extracted from a decade of research, also indicates that rapists are targeting ever younger children in an apparent attempt to avoid detection and to avoid HIV/Aids infection.

Childline's director Joan van Niekerk says the research, done at the Red Cross Children's hospital in Cape Town indicates that three-year-old girls are more likely to be raped than any other age group.

The girls appear to be targeted because they are too young to offer any resistance, and can seldom identify or testify against their attackers.

Van Niekerk, who spearheaded new draft sexual offences legislation to be presented to parliament in 2003, adds that half the children who underwent therapy for sexual abuse at KwaZulu-Natal's therapy services, were under seven.

Baby Tsepang
The rape of six month old baby Tsepang in November last year focused the country on South Africa's child rape problem.

David Potse, a 23-year-old former boyfriend of the baby's mother, was found quilty of the rape and sentenced to life in prison.

It was a rare conviction, Van Niekerk says, because the national conviction rate for reported rapes stands at 5% at best.

"Most sexual offenders will never be held accountable," she says.
Parliamentary hearings into baby rape in March this year heard testimony that 500 000 children are sexually abused each year.

1,128 children murdered in South Africa in 2005
Cape Town, Parliament, South Africa.

Official statistics state that 1,128 children were murdered in South Africa in 2005 - the latest available police statistics according to 'safety and security' minister Charles Nqakula.

• This fact was provided only after official questioning from the Democratic Alliance opposition party however.

Boiling water, hammers and iron pipes were only some of the murder instruments used to kill some of these 1,128 children...

Teacher stabbed 14 times
Security at schools came under the spotlight again on Wednesday when a Grade 10 pupil strolled into class and stabbed a teacher 14 times while she was writing on the board, killing her.

Just two months into her post as Life Orientation teacher at Thornwood Secondary School in Dassenhoek outside Pinetown, Phoenix-born Noculunga Ndala, 28, had no chance to defend herself when the 18-year-old pupil from another class walked into the classroom carrying a knife and attacked her while her back was turned.

Young pupils could only stare in horror as the teenager started stabbing Ndala in the back, stabbing her in the chest as she turned around.

Police and school officials were baffled about what prompted the vicious attack.

Teen stabbed in head at Cape school
A 17-year-old pupil is in a serious but stable condition in hospital after he was stabbed at his school
Gang may be behind teenager's gruesome murder

Police believe the killing of a youth outside an Ekurhuleni nightclub could be the work of the same gang responsible for the death of his friend.

Vaughn Prepok was found in a pool of blood in the middle of the road - his throat slit - less than a month after Kyle Norris, 18, was shot dead at an Edenvale nightclub.

The 19-year-old was severely beaten and killed while he was walking home from The Doors nightclub in Van Riebeeck Avenue - Edenvale's main street - to his parents' home in Second Avenue at first light on Wednesday.

Paroled rapist back in court

Cape Town - A paroled sexual offender, who allegedly slit his daughter's throat after she saw him assaulting another girl, appeared in the Wynberg Magistrate's Court in Cape Town on Wednesday.

The man was charged with murder, but because he also faced a further charge relating to the sexual assault, may not be named until the start of his trial.

The man, who had three young daughters, had served a lengthy jail term for raping one of the three. He was out on parole when he allegedly slit his eldest daughter's throat.

Welfare officials had persuaded his wife to take him back into their home in Retreat, in the southern suburbs.

Girl escapes rapist stepdad

Bushbuckridge - An Mpumalanga teacher has been accused of raping his 10-year-old stepdaughter since before her mother died last year.

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Anonymous said...

Very good post, bud. When you collate it all like that, it makes for very scary reading.

To follow on the idiot professor's argument about the "angry white youths", I suppose all this violent behaviour is learnt from the parents, churches and society around which these children live. The parents and adults around them teach them to thieve, lie and steal. Yep, that I can believe.

Anonymous said...

Would it be silly of me to suggest treating AIDS the same same way Unbrella Corp treated the "infected" in Resident Evil?

"OK, everyone clean get out.... Block of the city (country/continent)..... KAAABOOOOOOM!"

Hey, what do I have if I dont have an imagination? Certainly not tolerance for the way AIDS is being handled in this country.

"Thats alright everyone... no kaboom... just go have a shower, you'll be fine!"


Anonymous said...

And the ANC government has to this date not changed their view on aids. And we thought apartheid was evil.