Monday, June 30, 2008

Rolling Stones - She's a rainbow

Tuesday’s toot features the greatest band ever.

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Anonymous said...

The Greatest Rock 'N Roll Band in the World. I saw them live in the 60's and again in the 90's and even without Brian Jones they were still magic.They are still one of the best selling bands in the World and to get a ticket for a concert is very difficult.
My never ending memory of them was watching them in concert when Brian's Gibson guitar broke down while they were playing "Its all over now." He grabbed a Tambourine and sat on the edge of stage playing it. There was an immediate surge of females to the stage and the Ambulance men were carting them out by the dozen.My ears were ringing for about 2 days afterwards from the music and screaming of a wild crowd.
Those were the days. Pity Lennon spoiled it with his "make love not War"( The beginnings of todays liberalism and political correctness.)

Anonymous said...

@ anon 06:55..

So true dude. The only band that can draw MILLIONS to a concert, not thousands. A bunch of blokes that have been going since the 60s and can draw in the youth of today, much less our generation and before. Speaks for their greatness.