Monday, June 30, 2008

Poll: Is Mbeki to blame for Zim?

95% of you agree that the tosspot that thinks of himself as an ‘intellectual’ is as culpable for the mess in Zimbabwe as Mad Bob.

You are 100% correct.

Mad Bob would not be in power without Mbeki’s backing and it is this involvement by Mbeki that should result in both of them being hauled before the International Court for crimes against humanity.

Anybody notice the deafening silence from the liberals in Hollywood once so prominent in arguing for 'majority rule' in Rhodesia and old South Africa?

Where are the celebs now with their incisive political knowledge (*sarc*)?

Where is Bono? Where is that useless Boomtown Rat Geldof?

Where are the Hollywood BLACK actors for that matter? Whoopi? Belafonte? Denzel? Wazzup my bruddas?! Cat got your tongue?

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