Sunday, July 06, 2008

Policewoman raped by hijackers

When criminals no longer fear the police, or rather the consequences of harming members of the police service, then what signal does that send to the (disarmed) citizenry that our society and the ANC mismanagement thereof is seriously sick?

Police are shot at regularly, killed by the hundreds each year and now raped as well?!

When do we stop playing “civilised liberal society” and return to jungle justice, take the gloves off and start hanging these savages from the nearest tree?

What are we waiting for?!

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A female police constable was yesterday hijacked, raped and assaulted by two gunmen, Eastern Cape police said.

Superintendent Mike Fatyela said the constable was waiting for another policewoman outside the Madeira police station yesterday when she was confronted by two armed men.

"They ordered her to open her Ford Bantam bakkie and when they got in they ordered her to drive," he said. They made her stop at a nearby veld, beat her up and took turns in raping her.

The attackers drove away with her bakkie and the police constable managed to get help. He says no arrests have been made and police are investigating cases of rape, assault and hijacking.

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Anonymous said...

True love - the South African version.....