Monday, June 30, 2008

Police block Selebi investigation

Here’s why the ANC want the Scorpions disbanded asap. The only thing standing between them and unbridled sleaze is the Scorpions.

The police, as demonstrated by their conduct here with Selebi, are already "in the bag" so-to-speak and will protect the elite and the influential.

Sometimes you need to make deals with the small fish to land the big cahuna and the NPA has done that.

Agliotti and a couple of mugs are small fry compared to nailing the police commissioner of a country whose influence covers a much wider area.

I predict this case will go the same way as Zuma’s – once the NPA comes under the Justice Ministry’s wing and the Scorpions are no more, the charges and the evidence will disappear and/or wither to nothing, much like the Arms Deal scandal, Oilgate and so on.

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Documents handed in at the second court appearance of Jackie Selebi, the national police commissioner charged with corruption and defeating the ends of justice, go to the heart of the low-intensity war between the police and the Scorpions.

The police say that national security has been compromised by the plea bargains struck by the Scorpions with suspected criminals, ostensibly in return for Selebi's head.

The focus has been on the plea bargains concluded with drug dealers and those suspected of involvement in the murder of Brett Kebble, the mining magnate.

But there were new developments in the Randburg magistrate's court this week. Glenn Agliotti, a friend of Selebi, and Clint Nassif, have received cushy plea-bargain deals in cases involving drugs as well as the Kebble murder.

Documents handed to the court contained an angry letter from Tim Williams, the acting police commissioner, to Mokotedi Mpshe, the acting head of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

The letter reveals that the police investigated a suspected crime syndicate, Palto, headed by Paul Stemmet, a former police informer, who is expected to be among the key witnesses against Selebi.

Once the investigation - which covered murders, fraud and a bomb blast - was concluded, the dockets were, as required by law, handed to the NPA for a decision on whether to prosecute.

But, despite the dockets being in the NPA's possession, Mpshe wrote to Williams on May 27 and asked for "any documents, case dockets or information files relating to police investigations into" Palto.

Mpshe said: "We acknowledge that the DSO [Scorpions] may be in possession of documents and dockets relating to these investigations but need to know if SAPS have documentation relating to these cases. We have evidence that the accused [Selebi] involved himself in these investigations".

In reply, Williams said: "All the dockets were investigated and handed to Advocate Roberts during 2006 already. He has as yet not decided to institute the prosecution but the DSO had rather elected to enter into section 204 [plea bargaining] arrangements with the Palto members."

The Sunday Independent has established that the dockets sent by the police to the NPA implicate Stemmet and Palto in:

# a bomb explosion at a software company in Sandton in 2000, case 110/6/2000);
# possession of hand grenades, case 630/3/2001;
# fraud, case 45/10/1997; # murder, case 463/11/2002;
# housebreaking, case 64/02/200; # murder, case 666/04/2002;
# assault with intent to commit grievous bodily harm, case 56/9/1999; and
# defeating the ends of justice, case 482/9/2000.

Williams's letter to Mpshe reveals that the Scorpions have asked for the diaries of Selebi and other top policemen.

The diaries would show the dates, times and details of their interactions with Agliotti and Stemmet. Williams turned down the request: "I'm not at liberty to make information available to you that would … make known the secret services of the SAPS."

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