Friday, July 25, 2008

More and more South Africans shipping out

This suits the ANC just fine but they are too stupid to understand that it is the skilled whites that underpin the economy and provide their meal ticket.

Most of the tax paid and job opportunities created are by whites simply because they have the skills (we won’t go into the reasons why) but it is a historical fact and no amount of feigned pretentiousness on their part and “good riddances” will replace the value of the skills and future productiveness of the people leaving.

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The number of South Africans who give emigration as the reason for selling their home has shot up in recent months as high crime levels and political and economic uncertainty spur the flight of whites from the Rainbow Nation.

A survey by South Africa's First National Bank (FNB) showed the proportion of homeowners who said they were putting their homes on the market because they were emigrating had doubled between the last quarter of 2007 and the second quarter of 2008, from 9 per cent to 18 per cent.

Emigration was one of the most frequent reasons given by homeowners for selling up, next only to downscaling because of financial pressures, according to the FNB residential property barometer.

Foreign embassies in South Africa report a jump in emigration applications from mainly white South Africans in recent months, amid growing disillusionment over high levels of violent crime and the populist slide within the ruling African National Congress.

A power crisis that has made blackouts a feature of life in a country that prides itself on having first-world infrastructure, and a recent outbreak of xenophobic violence have also added to sense of doom and gloom fuelling emigration.

On Monday, a plane carrying 100 Jewish immigrants landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv on the first ever specially-chartered aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel) flight from South Africa. According to the Jewish Agency, the body that manages immigration to the Jewish state, the number of South African Jews interested in making Israel their home is set to double in 2008.

From 178 last year, their number is set to reach over 300 this year. The Agency said the political situation and crime and violence were behind the trend.

In South Africa, 50 people are murdered every day and over 130 rape cases reported. While the past few years have seen a slight drop in contact crime statistics, the level of violence used during robberies and other criminal acts has sown terror in the population.

Many white South Africans also take a dim view of the endorsement by the ruling African National Congress of party leader Jacob Zuma as its candidate for president in 2009 elections.

Zuma faces trial in the coming year on charges of corruption and fraud. South Africa's Institute for Race Relations estimates that around 800,000 whites emigrated in the decade from 1995 to 2005.

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Anonymous said...

To get the REAL stats on the number of whites that have left, all that needs to be done is for the SARS to provide stats of the number of whites who have stopped paying tax over a period. Race is quite easily associated by surname. For instance, cut out most of the M's (mahlangu, mazibuko, mpekki...(Not even a zot can confuse those names with Van Zyl, Breytenbach or Smith)and you will have a picture of what is happening that will be totally APALLING. I know, because when I left, I told nobody in any official capacity whatsoever. I just went on holiday, no-one gave a F*ck or asked questions, but 18 months tax return. (Come to think of it, these stats are probably already available to the ANC politicians, just not public knowledge)

Anonymous said...

Very good point anon.
Yes that info must be available to the government. It would certainly make for interesting reading and I would love to see that discrepancy with the official figures.