Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Komphela remarks 'racist'

The days of ANC bullyboy tactics of forcing its will on everyone else are numbered.

The buffoon sports munista Komphela accuses Sascoc of lacking “transformation”, ANC codespeak for “take your people out and replace them with our ANC bootlickers”.

Instead of cowering to the sports munist
a Komphela in parleymunt, the Sascoc chairman tells Komphela to shove it.

He tells Komphela, hey buddy, kiss my ass, grow an education, get cultured, learn to behave like a civilised human being and until then we are not dealing with you.

The irony? The Sascoc chairman is black telling a black sports munista off. Sweet.

This proves my point that I make time and again. If you want to take the country back, you need like-minded people, of all races. Not every black is ANC and not every white is not ANC.

We need to join forces and together we will rid the country of the ANC. None of us can do it alone.

Note: I use the words ‘munista’ and ‘gubbermunt’ in my posts obviously deliberately misspelt because, really, I cannot bring myself to call what the ANC f**kers do as equalling actual governing of a country in the real sense.

They are abysmal and not worthy of being called a government of ministers (aargh..see?)

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Comments made by chairperson of Parliament's sport portfolio committee Butana Komphela that Sascoc (the SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee) was "full of whites and Indians who don't understand transformation and lack vision" was both slanderous and racist.

This was stated by Sascoc president Moss Mashishi at a press briefing at Emperors Palace during the course of the South Africa-Denmark Davis Cup tennis tie at the gaming resort on the outskirts of OR Tambo International Airport.

Mashishi confirmed a Sascoc decision taken at the organisation's annual general meeting not to have any dealings with Parliament's sports portfolio committee as long as it was chaired by Komphela.

And the Sascoc president added that a complaint would also be lodged with the Human Right Commission against Komphela for making remarks designed to incite racism.

"Sascoc is an organisation dedicated to implementing meaningful transformation in sport," said Mashishi, "and the wild allegations against a body made up of officials who have worked tirelessly towards this objective only demonstrate the ignorance of the source from which they emanate."

Mashishi said all sporting codes affiliated to Sascoc — and they include the majors sports of soccer, cricket and rugby — would abide by the "unanimous decision" taken at the general meeting. "

As matters stand," added, the Sascoc president, "our contact with government will be channelled through the minister of sport until someone with greater finesse and understanding of the complex problems at hand heads parliament's sport portfolio committee."

Mashishi also commented on the thorny issue of race quotas for national teams and said it was a complex problem that had to be dealt with delicately and in a different manner for each and every sport — and implemented in cases where the effect was seen as adding to the progress of meaningful transformation.

Sascoc are also concerned by the manner in which the R500-million annual grant to sport from the national lottery is distributed, with the money not being utilised in the best manner to achieve meaningful results. Sascoc intended taking up the matter of this distribution in order to ensure benefits were visible from the lottery's distribution to sports bodies and ambiguities were eliminated.

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