Thursday, July 10, 2008

Keystone cops anger hijacked woman

Then we wonder why we can’t bring the crime beast under control if this is the reaction of the SAPS.

Untrained, under-equipped, rudderless, overwhelmed and basically given up the fight.

The criminals aren’t just winning, they’ve won.

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Claire Jones is looking for hijackers who wear Axe deodorant, drink bootleg whisky, listen to violent music and can't drive.

Jones was hijacked on May 25 at the gate of her Linbro Park, Joburg, home by three armed men and badly beaten.

She got her car back, badly damaged, two weeks later, but is furious that police have yet to find her attackers. "I'm so angry that I just want to kill," said Jones.

"I gave the police everything and they did absolutely diddly squat."

'If it's hectic, we receive about eight or nine hijackings a week'

The Sandringham police station, which is dealing with the case, is one of Gauteng's "top 10" hijack areas. "Out of 20 hijackings a month, we are lucky to arrest seven people," said Inspector Moses Maphakela.

Last weekend was a good one for Sandringham, he said: "From Friday till today we were clapping hands because we had only two hijackings.

"If it's hectic, we receive about eight or nine hijackings a week," Maphakela said.

Police recorded 52 car hijackings in Sandringham in the six months to September last year. Two hijack-related suspects were arrested in Sandringham last week and another four in nearby Bramley last month.

The latest trend is the double hijackings now seen in Sandringham. "They are hijacking two vehicles and abandoning one in the area so that the police will concentrate on that one," said Maphakela.

Jones said police bungled her case, but police said they dealt with it by the book, and hijackers were hard to catch.

She said she immediately reported the attack to the 10111 police emergency number, but they weren't interested because there was no tracking unit in the car.

The attackers couldn't drive properly, crashing into Jones's gate instead of reversing. Her grey BMW was found abandoned two weeks later in nearby Alexandra.

Police handed it back to Jones with items in it left behind by the hijackers, which included three heavy-metal CDs (including a song about "how to get away with murder"); an orange Axe deodorant; a cardboard crate for Jack Daniel's whisky; equipment for siphoning petrol; and plates with the false number JGN440GP.

Days after handing the car back, the police returned to get more fingerprints. More than three weeks later, the fingerprint results are still awaited.

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