Thursday, July 24, 2008

Durban man shoots 'robbers' dead

Two down for the good guys. Only another million to go.

This is proof positive why armed law-abiding citizens WILL reduce crime and not the lily-livered liberal crap Gun Free SA forced into law – disarming honest citizens while criminals can obtain guns for R10.

Gun free may work where there is an effective police force but not with the buffoons running our police farce.

Let’s hope the man doesn’t get charged as they always do.

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A Durban man gunned down two robbers attempting to hijack his wife in Durban's Pinetown suburb on Wednesday, KwaZulu-Natal police said. Spokesperson Inspector Solomon Mbhele said the woman had been picking up her daughter from her in-law's home in Vivian Road when the incident took place.

"The daughter was walking down the driveway when two gunmen approached her mother's car and ordered her to get out."

The daughter screamed and ran back into the house, alerting her dad.

"The dad was there visiting," he said. When the girl began running one of the gunmen followed her.

"The father came out onto the veranda with a firearm and was confronted by the suspect," said Mbhele. The man allegedly fired a shot, killing the hijacker.

He fired a second shot, causing the second gunman to drop his firearm and a bag he had taken from the mother's car.

"A Volkswagen Polo came by and the suspect jumped into the car," said Mbhele. None of the victims were injured.

Police recovered two firearms at the scene - one underneath the gunman's body and another on the driveway.

A short while later the second gunman's body was found on Intake Road in Mariannhill. "He had a gunshot wound to his abdomen and we suspect his body was dumped by his accomplices," Mbhele said.

The victim was taken to the scene where the man was positively identified as one of the gunmen. Cases of attempted hijacking, attempted murder and armed robbery were being investigated.

3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Good shooting. Any criminal killed is chickensoup for the soul.

Anonymous said...

@ twa..

I thought so too. Two shots, two perps down. Me, I would have popped some into the car as well, fuck it. Just say they were shooting at you. Hey, dead people can't talk.

I was in a good mood after this story. Had two beers even.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacking his wife was of course just their first priority. He saved his family from Hi Jacking, Rape Torture and murder.