Friday, July 25, 2008

Double standards: Black vs White Criminals

By far, most crimes committed in South Africa are by blacks against blacks - and blacks against whites. Rarely does black on white crime raise an eyebrow with the peecee mainstream media. It is so common therefore not news. It is like reporting a bird crapped on your car. It’s that insignificant.

However, should white youths pretend to piss in food intended for blacks (a joke no less but golly, what a heinous ‘crime’!) or a misguided white youth goes on a shooting rampage, dear me, it is the end of the f**king world!

Two cases in point below. Two murderers, two massacres, completely opposite treatments.

Have we just become accustomed to blacks being the perpetrators in 98% of crimes that it is not newsworthy anymore but when crime is committed by the other 2%, it IS news?

Also, why is the race of the perpetrator ALWAYS mentioned when whites are involved?

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Black murderer: Charged with May Day massacre of Dutch family

A black gardener Stephan Modise was charged with the May 1, 2008 massacre of a Dutch-origin immigrant family, Krugersdorp lecturer Douw Bijkersma (57), his disabled wife Hettie (57) and her carer Ms Elsje Wouda (40).

Modise appeared in the local magistrate's court yesterday. There was no protestors with placards, no photographers in the courtroom and only one journalist was on hand to record the quiet appearance of an accused mass-murderer.

The victims' throats had all
been cut. Nothing was robbed.

There seemed to be no motive. Magistrate Delize Smith postponed the case to 26 August to establish a venue for the trial. Modise was not asked to plead and remains in custody.

He was not manacled nor dressed in prison garb and it is expected that the case will be heard in the Johannesburg High Court.

Wheelchair-bound Mrs Hettie Bijkersma, her (Dutch) caregiver Ms Elsje Wouda and her husband Douwe -- a lecturer at the Krugersdorp Technical College -- were all savagely murdered and the family's maternal matriarch Mrs Jopie Durieux (83) critically injured. The old lady is now recovering slowly.

The massacre was discovered by their daughter, Mrs Hiltje Bijkersma on her return from holiday.

(The image depicts the traumatised children -- Ms Bakersma and her brother Douwe Jr, 25, (second-left) being supported by trauma councillors of Netcare911).

The devoutly-Christian family also issued a statement, saying they had 'forgiven' the murderer.

Kudos to the reporter and Beeld on the scene at the trial appearance: Amanda Tongha.

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White murderer: Charged with Skielik deaths

Contrary to the almost zero media attention at the court-room for the black murderer, this white youth received hysterical attention from the media.

In both cases, two young men -- one black, one white -- accused of carrying out racist massacres.

During the Skielik massacre, four people died from bullet-wounds. No motive was given for the dreadful event but at every Pretoria court appearance, the young Afrikaner farm boy Johan Nel (he'd just turned eighteen) appeared in court manacled, the last time in prison garb like a convicted criminal.

He was also always under heavy police guard - because hundreds of ANC-supporters had been drummed up, driven to the court in buses and were baying for his blood, even trying to overturn the prison van to lynch him, and screaming 'kill the Boer, kill the farmer'.

His human rights have not been taken into consideration -- and his case has been moved to Xhosa-deep territory -- the High Court in the Eastern Cape.

Neither of these cases can be blamed on 'poverty' or 'a need to steal' because nothing whatsoever was stolen.

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This is the South African peecee press at work and the double standards meted out by the authorities. Welcome to the new order.

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